Top 5 Funniest Real Restaurant Names

Fu King Chinese Restaurant

You have to wonder: was this really an accident? Surely the owner of this place, presumably a man whose name is Fu, had to have been at least somewhat aware that adding “king” at the end of his name would end up giving his restaurant a name that was also an English swear word—smells like good marketing to me.

This place is in Lake City, Florida. How often would you say to your friends, “Hey guys, want to go to the Fu King Chinese Restaurant?”


This place decided to name itself after what we all know the teenagers are doing to the secret sauce when we go to a McDonald's. Good for them, honesty in business is rare.

Sar's Oriental Cuisine

Sar is one poor, unlucky bastard. He just had to name the restaurant after himself—just another man in the States, trying to make an honest living—and then one day, bam, the international SARS scare hits. You had better believe this Tacoma based business took a hit in their income for a while. Would you have the balls to roll the dice and eat at an Asian restaurant with SARS literally in the title?


Poopsies Food and Drinks seems like one of those places that's fully aware of its “cutesy” name. Like, “He-he-he, look at me, my name is SILLY. Come spend your money here!” How insulting. You should prefer to only patronize restaurants with unintentionally hilarious names, not attention whores like this one.

Hilter's Cross

Hang on before you get your knickers in a bunch; the owners of this place were pretty much forced to change the name after the local community in Mumbai, India freaked out. And yet, the insensitive ownersgot exactly what they wanted—a ton of media attention and free advertising. You know what they say, any press is good press. The owner was quoted by the BBC as saying, “Our intention was not to glorify Hitler.” Really, dude? Really?
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