Top 3 Sharks You've Never Heard Of

Frilled Shark

Yeah, that thing is a shark. The frilled shark is one of the few animals on the planet called a “fossil animal,” because it's thought to have evolved very little from the way it was in prehistoric times. You can see why, the thing looks like the bastard spawn of Cthulhu (or, if you're less imaginative, a large, frightening eel). This species was actually thought to be extinct, but a few years back some fishermen in Japan found one, presumably after pissing their pants in fear. Once they got it back to the lab at a nearby marine park, the creature died (it was sick, apparently, which is probably why they were able to find it in the first place). But scientists think that there might be plenty more where that came from.

Cookiecutter Shark

Just look at those creepy little bastards. Fortunately, they're quite small—imagine if they were the size of a great white or something, talk about nightmare fuel—but still manage to look like the Joker. Here's something even more creepy about the cookiecutter: it's technicalyl considered to be a parasite. Those disgusting little teeth are made to sink into other creatures and hang on, and their hosts are often other sharks. So not only are they cannibalistic, they're also fearless enough to snack on another, bigger shark. Totally not scary.

Goblin Shark

The goblin shark looks like something cooked up in a low budget horror movie studio, but it's absolutely real. That thing poking out of it's head is, you guessed it, it's goblin-like “nose” (or “snout”). Fortunately you're not going to run into one of these monsters if you're out for a swim on the beach, because they're deep-sea creatures. Even so, right now as you read this, those things are swimming around somewhere. A little disturbing, no?

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