The Most Popular Passwords of 2015 Are Terrifying


Every year, SplashData makes a list of the most popular passwords, and every year, the results are abysmal. They are, quite honestly, tragic beyond comprehension, mostly for two reasons: 

  • People didn't even use a real word, instead opting to hit the keyboard in a line-like, mindless fashion
  • They used the name of a sport. Sportzing.

We Are the Worst

You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. The list, which takes 2 million leaked passwords and sorts them by popularity, is 25 lines of complete blasphemy. I know it's impossible to craft a completely unique and creative password for every single site you use and then remember all of them (believe me, I've changed my Jimmy John's password at least seven times), but this is basically asking for people to steal your identity, run away with your tax refund, and pose as you on a strange, niche dating app.  

As presented by SplashData, these are the most disappointing of 2015's most common passwords:

(I can't even believe I'm typing these.) 


Yes, really. 


Because some passwords have to be six characters. 


Do you know how many people have to really use this password for it to make the list? Like have to really, truly choose this?




I can't. 


lskfjlsjhfalsjhglasikjdhlkjdf@! (Which would, coincidentally, make a better password.)


For people who think moving their index fingers one inch to the right is too strenuous. 


I'll allow this, because associating a jingle with your password might be kind of fun. 








Ah, so we've graduated to the line below 123456. 




Let's just hope this is Game of Thrones related. 


I mean. Monkeys are dope, I guess. 




Actually, this should be my Jimmy John's password, as it's the only thing I'm ever going to be able to remember past midnight. 


Alternative Star Wars passwords you could use: 

  • MarryMeOscarIsaac
  • KyloRenWHY
  • LogInOrDontLogInThereIsNoTry

Notable things missing from last year's list include trustno1, michael, and 696969. Which is kind of disappointing, if I'm being totally honest. Those were at least marginally entertaining. 

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