The Most Extreme Places You Probably Don't Want To Go To On Vacation

The Lut Desert

Where is it: Iran


What it is: Possibly the hottest place on the planet


The Lut desert isn't just a barren wasteland—it's practically an oven. Scientists debate over where the hottest place on the planet is—candidates usually including Death Valley in California, where it's reached 134 degrees, and Al Azizyah in Libya, where supposedly the temperature has hit 136 degrees. That was until a NASA satellite whose job it was to monitor surface temperatures detected the heat levels rising up to 159 degrees in the Lut desert—which spans a huge 300 square miles. Need a glass of ice water yet?


Tristan de Cunha

Where is it: Southern Atlantic Ocean


What it is: The most remote inhabited island in the world


Do you ever feel like the city life is just too crowded? Do you dream of getting away to a nice, secluded island resort? Well, the 270 people that live on the absurdly remote archipelago of Tristan de Cunha are living that fantasy (sans “resort” luxuries). This island is 2,000 miles away from the nearest continent—you ain't gonna be able to swim away from it if it turns out you don't like the people. The good news is that they have Internet access. The bad news is that it takes forever for your Amazon orders to arrive.


Salto Angel

Where is it: Venezuela


What is it: The highest waterfall on the planet


The beautiful Angel Falls, or Salto Angel, is the highest waterfall in the world, where the water crashes down an amazing distance of over 2,600 feet. That's uninterrupted too—a straight freefall of 2,600 feet. Needless to say, that's one place you don't want to go white water rafting.

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