Text Messaging: Saving Lives (And Sometimes Ruining Them)

Surgery Performed Only With Instructions Provided Over Text

Text messaging surgery

The man in the middle of the picture above is David Nott, a surgeon who was volunteering his medical services in the Congo. While working with the medical charity organization Medecins Sans Frontieres, a young boy arrived with most of his arm ripped off—the reason is unknown, but presumably it was a tiger attack. Or, you know, a local warlord got pissed at him.

Anyway, David Nott is a vascular surgeon, so repairing ripped off limbs wasn't his specialty. As SMS was available (but not voice communications), he texted a colleague, asked for help, and swapped text messages until the operation was complete. The boy lived.

What Are You Doing Truck? You're Not Allowed to Swim

Here on the other side of the human intelligence spectrum rests this delightful specimen: a tow truck driver was texting and, predictably, crashed his truck. This isn't uncommon since tons of people have crashed as a result of texting-and-driving, but what makes this story hilarious is that his truck landed in a pool.

The part that isn't so funny was that one of the other cars he was hauling became dislodged and crashed into a house. Well, that is kind of funny, as long as you don't live in that house.

The Collapse Of Western Society in 5, 4, 3...

Remember what we said about chicks getting addicted to texting and not even bothering to use their phones as, you know, phones? Well, it paid off for at least one of them: teenager Kate Moore won the United States National Texting Championship. Yes, there is such a thing. How horrifying. Anyway, she was rewarded for her texting addiction—14,000 per month—with $50,000. Way to go.

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