Sabretooth 0355a508 featured Sabretooth Was Considered For a 'Logan' Cameo, Says Hugh Jackman

Despite many of us wishing to never be reminded of X-Men Origins: Wolverine again.

1b47e341ed4e3fc7e2e10c9aa7b3fb68 799eccf0 featured Movie Review 2: Logan Logan is not a bad film, however it's not entirely the film we were sold in the first trailer. It's not THAT movie, and it should be.

Ken leung amy acker 23c310b8 featured Amy Acker Cast as Lead in 'X-Men' TV Show; Ken Leung Cast in 'Inhumans'

The casting war is the latest Fox/Marvel battlefield.


Logan imax poster 1f137320 featured Movie Review 1: Logan

A Near Perfect Movie, With a Single Infuriating Flaw. All spoilers here are clearly signposted and deliberately vague.

Inhumans vs x men 7c643290 featured 'X-Men' and 'Inhumans' TV Shows Both Cast Key Cast Members

It's a good old fashioned TV ratings battle!

Stephen moyer f5bfeb17 featured Fox Casts ‘True Blood’ Alum Stephen Moyer for ‘X-Men’ TV Show

This guy is literally the male version of Rogue.

Mr sinister 59492890 featured Mr Sinister Will Appear in an 'X-Men' Movie, Says Simon Kinberg

Because what the X-Men movies really needs is another overblown Saturday morning cartoon villain.

Blink 61e84d25 featured 'X-Men' TV Show Recasts a 'Days of Future Past' Character, Because Continuity is for Chumps

They're just not even trying to be coherent anymore.

Simon kinberg 5fa42008 featured Simon Kinberg is in Talks to Steal the 'X-Men' Director's Chair From Bryan Singer

Because what the franchise desperately needs is an overeager fanboy who's never directed a movie before.


Wolverine movie alternate ending costume 95a772e7 featured Guys, We're Never Gonna See Hugh Jackman in the Classic Wolverine Costume

I thought we settled this matter with Cyclops' quip in the first X-Men movie.

X 23 6a647005 featured Promo Video For 'Logan' Shows X-23 Getting Her Claws

This scene is a far cry from any Bryan Singer Alkali Lake nonsense.

Logan desert db2df2a9 featured James Mangold Explains Why There Are No Mutant Cameos In 'Logan'

Blob or Toad might not help the movie's serious tone.

Sophie turner 281e456d featured Sophie Turner Is Officially On Board For 'X-Men: Supernova'

Come on, Dark Phoenix saga! Do something right for once, Fox!

Wolfsbane a401b503 featured Josh Boone Shares Disturbing Concept Art of Maisie Williams As Wolfsbane

This movie just keeps getting more and more bizarre.

X men apocalypse e00496dd featured 'X-Men' TV Casts Its First Actor As Showrunner Explains Why We Won't See Professor X Any Time Soon

Here's hoping this isn't Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. all over again.


Sunseeker db1f249a featured New 'Logan' Clip Shows Off the Artsy Black and White Movie James Mangold Really Wanted To Make

Good news for fans of listening to Wolverine trying to buy a boat.