Sabretooth 0355a508 featured Sabretooth Was Considered For a 'Logan' Cameo, Says Hugh Jackman

Despite many of us wishing to never be reminded of X-Men Origins: Wolverine again.

Logan imax poster 1f137320 featured Movie Review 1: Logan

A Near Perfect Movie, With a Single Infuriating Flaw. All spoilers here are clearly signposted and deliberately vague.

Wolverine movie alternate ending costume 95a772e7 featured Guys, We're Never Gonna See Hugh Jackman in the Classic Wolverine Costume

I thought we settled this matter with Cyclops' quip in the first X-Men movie.


Logan desert db2df2a9 featured James Mangold Explains Why There Are No Mutant Cameos In 'Logan'

Blob or Toad might not help the movie's serious tone.

X men hugh jackman 3fa75240 featured Hugh Jackman Admits He Did a Really Bad Job As Wolverine At First

Here's a rare case of a Fox executive making a movie better.

Logan x 23 b629f6c7 featured James Mangold Promises That 'Logan' Will Feel "Extremely Real"

So, no chance of Mister Sinister appearing, then.

Screen shot 2017 01 19 at 9 01 35 am 8a8be1f7 featured Final 'Logan' Trailer(s) Unleash X-23 on the World

I think I'm okay with the R-rating... Maybe.

Cable pierce brosnan 97abe333 featured Is Pierce Brosnan Going to Play Cable in 'Deadpool 2'?

This is probably a better idea than you think it is.

Deadpool hugh jackman 8c7f5788 featured Ryan Reynolds Wants a Deadpool/Wolverine Crossover Movie So Bad

He's willing to annoy Hugh Jackman nonstop until he agrees to it.


Logan sepia 9c4bebdc featured Richard E Grant’s Role in ‘Logan’ Finally Confirmed

He's playing some guy. Just some guy.

Logan 2017 hugh jackman wolverine 35482a18 featured Could 'Logan' be Killing Off Wolverine? Good.

Logan looks like a grand, sobering, and heart-rending opportunity to finally let go of a character we've held on to maybe too long.

Logan funeral a779254a featured James Mangold Can't Shut Up About The ‘Logan’ Trailer

Director explains everything that makes his movie a special snowflake.

Screen shot 2016 10 20 at 8 31 20 am 4d2dfb60 featured 'Logan' Trailer Arrives... Still No Sign of Eriq La Salle

We've got a couple of big revelations coming out of this first trailer for next March's Logan, aka Wolverine 3, aka Jackman's Last Tango

Wolverine 9be289cb featured Hugh Jackman Reveals ‘Wolverine 3’ Title and Poster

Will Wolverine's final fight borrow from 'Three Men and a Baby'?

Jackman a9d9dd1f featured Hugh Jackman Loves His Wife

Have you guys heard about how much he loves his wife?


Thewolverine banner e40dc8a9 featured 'Wolverine 3' Speculation Flying Hot and Heavy

While we know precious little about Hugh Jackman's third and final go around as Wolverine—outside of him looking like a livery driver—there are certain puzzle pieces that...