Matt damon the great wall movie d71e9c0d featured Movie Review: The Great Wall

While there isn't much that's great about The Great Wall, the action film-cum-grand experiment is a definite sign of things to come in the motion picture industry.

Justiceleague jpeg 55beda77 web 07d932d6 featured Willem Dafoe's Role in 'Justice League' Sets Him Up For Bigger Things in 'Aquaman'

Willem Dafoe on going from trying to kill Spider-Man to helping Aquaman

Justiceleague jpeg 55beda77 web 04f7f008 featured Willem Dafoe Doesn't Want to Talk About 'Justice League' Yet

Everyone's favorite Green Goblin will talk about Justice League when he's good and damn ready


Justice league logo black 8bbc4ebb featured The Marketing Floodgates Open for 'Justice League'

Late last week, we began hearing that today was going to be a big day for DC's upcoming Justice League film, and now we know why. WB and DC invited a bunch of press to the...

Justiceleague jpeg 55beda77 featured BATTLE: Which Non-Villainous Character Will Willem Dafoe Play in 'Justice League'

Ever since it was announced that one-time Marvel villain Willem Dafoe was joining the cast of Justice League Part One in a non-specific "heroic" role, the internets have...

Willem dafoe jpg dd1b5d13 featured Professional Bad Dude Willem Dafoe Joins The Justice League... As A Good Guy?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, typecast Scary Bad Dude and The Master of Being Weirdly Attractive While Menacing Willem Dafoe has just joined the Justice League...