Joker jared leto premiere interview 79be50df featured If WB is Serious About Fixing the DCEU, They Need to Dump Jared Leto

Sports teams fire the coach when everything goes horribly wrong... DC needs to fire their actors, starting with Leto.

Screen shot 2016 12 12 at 9 40 05 am 865db3c5 featured New 'The LEGO Batman Movie' Trailer Spotlights The Joker

At the very least, this will be the best DC movie of 2017, and right now, I think DC will settle for that.

Screen shot 2016 11 16 at 9 42 39 am 712917a0 featured DC Animation's 'Justice League Dark' Gets New Trailer, R Rating

It's gonna be rated R for violence. Dark violence. I think.


Michael shannon a9b42976 featured Michael Shannon Weighs in on 'Batman v Superman' and His Response is a Delight

You will never be as cool as Michael Shannon. The sooner you accept this, the happier you'll be.

Suicide squad movie characters calendar 3c5bc0c9 featured 'Suicide Squad' Has Made More Money Than 'Iron Man'

Wait until you see some of the other movies it's outgrossed... It'll make you depressed

Batfleck 4237136d featured Ben Affleck's Batman Flick May Be in Theaters Sooner Than We Thought

While many people expected the film to debut in October, 2018, it looks like it might be coming even sooner!

Deathstroke edec56cc featured Walking Six-Pack Joe Manganiello Cast as Deastroke in ‘Batman’ Solo Movie

Finally, a Batman villain that isn't just a guy in a clown costume!

Gallerychar 1900x900 boostergold 52ab8b16cab6b4 43568615 6cead72e featured That Booster Gold Movie is Still Coming, Won't Be Part of the DCEU

Executive Producer Greg Berlanti claims the film has "no connective tissue" to the established DC Film Universe

Shia labeouf do it 587b2378 featured Shia LaBeouf Says He Was Rejected for a Role in ‘Suicide Squad’

DC finally got something right.


Jk simmons feats of strength 9552e547 featured J.K. Simmons Talks Filming Justice League, Dealing with Jabronis Like Zack Snyder

Everyone's favorite strongman has finished filming on Justice League and is giving us a full report on the process, including his experience working with world class...

Screen shot 2016 08 29 at 8 13 45 am 5884ad04 featured You Need the 'Justice League' Weird Trailer in Your Life

You made it back to work this week, congratulations. Now, kick back, relax, and let the weird wash over you...

Suicide squad cast greets fans in tokyo 04 3b5a8da4 web 277e53bd featured 'Suicide Squad' Cast Greets Fans In Tokyo

The Squad hits the streets of Tokyo!

Bvs kevin smith fa1a8ad1 featured Kevin Smith Talks 'Justice League' and Batman v Superman's Failure to Connect

Don't forget, this guy won a science fair in eighth grade by turning his mother's vibrator into a CD player using chicken wire and shit.

Joker jared leto eec96fa0 featured Further Dispatches From The Inescapable Hell That Is Jared Leto

Much like gonorrhea, we neither asked for nor can we seem to get rid of Jared Leto.

Ss 0976b8f3 featured Scathing New Article Details Suicide Squad's Troubled Production

Behind the scenes trouble on a big budget production is nothing new, but there's apparently a lot more riding on this film than we may have thought


Suicide squad world premiere in nyc 12 db5db6e3 featured 'Suicide Squad' World Premiere In NYC

Suicide Squad Assemble!