Nightwing wallpaper by whu dan d6y14i3 dd2e3f4c featured WB Wants 'LEGO Batman' Director to Make Serious 'Nightwing' Movie

Well this just makes no sense

Mel gibson 934987dc featured Mel Gibson and ‘Suicide Squad 2’: Why DC is Deliberately Making Controversial Decisions, And How It’ll Eventually Backfire

Nothing’s better for marketing than throwing a racist at people.

Batman 55e54ce1 featured DC Offers Matt Reeves 'The Batman' Director Gig, But Will He Want It?

This is the kind of movie that kills careers stone dead.


Millie bobby brown godzilla 44542aca featured Every Little Step Millie Bobby Brown Takes, Godzilla Will Be There

No word on whether or not she will follow in her namesake's footsteps and record a rap that sums up the plot of the film as the other Bobby Brown did forGhostbusters 2.

Ben affleck bruce wayne 7bc9e490 featured Ben Affleck Has Successfully Convinced Warner Bros To Delay 'The Batman'

Help us, oh Ben Affleck. You're our only hope.

Screen shot 2016 12 23 at 9 00 22 am 8ff82647 featured Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding... Lex Zuckerberg Will Be Back in 'Justice League'

While he didn't turn up, as rumored, inSuicide Squad, Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor will indeed be back to crazy up the joint all over again in the upcomingJustice League.

Godzilla image 2014 movie hd 1920x1080 a3d1ec2e featured 'Godzilla' Sequel Finally Gets a Title... For Anyone That Cares

If you liked 2014'sGodzilla, it's probably a good idea to see next March'sKong: Skull Island, as it will likely prove to be a second prequel to this upcoming sequel.

Dc justice league 33529872 featured Warner Bros CEO "Confident" of Geoff Johns' DCEU Vision

As a rule, if you have to publicly state something, it's probably not true.

Joker jared leto eec96fa0 featured Further Dispatches From The Inescapable Hell That Is Jared Leto

Much like gonorrhea, we neither asked for nor can we seem to get rid of Jared Leto.


Gom 2013 11 25 23 37 44 65 7f644793 featured So We're Getting a Sequel to 'Man of Steel' After All

Tentatively titled Man of Steel II: Snappin' Necks, Cashin' Checks

Batman the killing joke world premiere comic con ec169e82 featured 'Batman: The Killing Joke' Getting Limited Theatrical Release

The one Batman movie being released this year that all fans could agree looked awesome is the upcoming animated adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's The Killing...

Suicide squad cara delevingne jpg 6a9f698e featured David Ayer's Casting Process for 'Suicide Squad' Sounds Like He's Taking the Casting Couch to New Places... Like the Forest

Apparently Jared Leto wasn't the only person involved with Suicide Squad who might end up on a sex offender registry by the time all the stories are disclosed. According to...

3 ways dc s expanded universe can rival marvel s cinematic universe 653591 jpg dea5f11c featured More Information on Geoff Johns and The DC Cinematic Universe Shake-Up

DC and Warner Brothers have been engaged in some rapid course correction basically since Batman v Superman came out and underwhelmed in every way possible, but now we've...

Ben affleck sad jpg 969298c3 featured Ben Affleck Really is Sad About 'Batman v Superman,' With or Without Simon and Garfunkel's Help

No matter how tired you are of the backlash against Batman v Superman, nothing in the world beats this incredible video that helped propel "The Sound of Silence" back onto...

1118full joker  jared leto  jpg b901e7d7 featured Is No One Safe from Jared Leto's Jokering?

Part time actor and full time bag of shit Jared Leto just can't stop talking about playing The Joker in Suicide Squad. Did you guys hear about the time he sent Margot...


Wonder woman gal gadot jpg 7ccf7ca2 featured 'Wonder Woman' Wraps Filming, Gal Gadot Celebrates

We've still got an entire year before we get to see Gal Gadot kick ass on screen again, but principal photography has wrapped and Gadot is celebrating with this Twitter...