School of thrones 2 9e75bf94 featured The Best 'Game of Thrones' Parodies

Laughter Is Coming.

Carol burnett star trek 4b8eb866 featured The Best Star Trek Parodies

Loving spoofs of TOS, TNG, DS9, and Voyager.

Got theme 1 dbfbfb73 featured Awesome Versions of the 'Game of Thrones' Theme

From opera to samba to jazz.


Screen shot 2016 08 31 at 9 11 57 am 7423871b featured The Honest Trailer for 'The Killing Joke' is Brutal

F this movie! F it!

Screen shot 2016 07 20 at 10 45 00 am 15a057a1 featured 'Batman v Superman' Honest Trailer Gets Brutally Honest

Or as they call it "Fans v Batman v Superman v Critics v Other Fans v Executives v Zack Snyder v Expectations"

La 1462812625 snap photo jpg de04a62b featured It's the First Trailer for 'Assassin's Creed,' Which is Still a Real Thing

If you can keep a straight face after hearing an Oscar winning actresses say a line like, "Welcome to the Spanish Inquisition," just before watching an ass-kicking montage...

Ant man paul rudd baskin robins clip jpg 5cfcd69d featured Paul Rudd is Truly Doing the Lord's Work

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you hate Paul Rudd, you hate fun...

Screen shot 2016 02 29 at 11 19 55 am png 8da3d898 featured Five Second Break: A Helpful Primer About Leap Years

The good people over at Vox put together this video to explain why February gets an extra day every four years. It's fascinating stuff.

Screen shot 2016 02 08 at 11 20 40 am png 6bbaa997 featured Five Second Break: We Pick Up Your Fucking Garbage

Long before the internet, viral videos were passed around on video tapes and you were lucky to come across one you hadn't seen before. I'll never forget the first time I...


Screen shot 2016 01 26 at 11 18 10 am png cd0b0ccf featured Tell Us What You Really Think Obi-Wan

I admire the shit out of whomever took this audio and put it with this video, along with the edits, but it doesn't change the fact that Peter Serafinowicz is the guy doing...

Screen shot 2015 12 14 at 12 57 51 pm png 3bc5eb5c featured Save Valuable Time, Watch All 6 'Star Wars' Movies at Once

I'm in the midst of rewatching all six Star Wars films in anticipation of The Force Awakens coming out, though I'm not seeing it until the 22nd so I can see it with my...

Screen shot 2015 11 05 at 11 24 25 am png 327f7175 featured Every James Bond Gadget in One Video

Spectre, the 24th James Bond film, opens in North America tomorrow, and everyone's got Bond fever. Tomorrow I'll be bringing you my definitive ranking of the first 23 Bond...