Chris evans punches david duke 783e8e11 featured Captain America Metaphorically Punches Neo-Nazi in the Face, on Twitter

Chris Evansacted like a real Captain America. On Twitter.

Liefeeeeeld 9904afbc featured I Shouldn't Be Enjoying This As Much As I Do: Rob Liefeld Goes To Golden Globes, Is Mistaken For Eager Fanboy

I love the 90s Rob Liefeld comic aesthetic in the same way that I love Batman Forever, The Room, and Cool As Ice—because it's unapologetic and earnest and hopelessly,...

Luke skywalker mark hamill star wars force awaken 4148e9be featured Does This Mean Mark Hamill Will Be Back for Episode IX?

Spoiler Alert! Maybe... Kinda...


Brie larson reading captain marvel d28b900e featured Brie Larson Shares a Photo of Her Intense Preparation for Captain Marvel

Many actors have to go through a lot to prepare for roles as superheroes

Broke dick 44891726 featured Jared Leto and David Ayer are Two Peas in a Broke Dick Pod

They're like Scorsese and DeNiro for meathead douchebags

David ayer bros out 4efbeb0a featured David Ayer Bros Out at 'Suicide Squad' Premiere

He just got caught up in the moment, bro

Cn2np5hvyaamtf1 2c87646b featured Yondu Reflects on His Life in New 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' Portrait

This glorious portrait, suitable for framing, is on display at SDCC

Leslie jones c855b144 featured This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, Internet—Racist Jackholes Attack Leslie Jones On Twitter, Are Slow To Get Banned

Come and see the truly despicable side of the internet

Guardians of the galaxy art by patrick brown 81111fc9 featured Shooting Wraps on 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'

Set to be the breakout hit of next summer, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has all the makings of an instant classic, and we got one step closer to seeing it as principal...


P0v9nxhcwakehdqkbp7m png e689e266 featured Five Second Break: How to Thwart Off Shitty Future Twitter

Learn how to keep your Twitter in reverse chronological order!

Kanyeeeee jpg 2b27c2e3 featured Kanye West Is Lord Voldemort and a Future Police Officer, Nothing Makes Any Sense

Let's get real for about three minutes. Kanye West in an asshat. A narcissistic, blasphemous, batshit crazy asshat. But he's also fucking brilliant.

Chopsticks jpg 1911303e featured Five Second Break: You've Been Using Disposable Chopsticks All Wrong

This guy's Twitter post is going viral after revealing the chopstick hack you didn't know you needed.

Theforceawakenscover jpg 69f83bd7 featured The Force Is Strong With This One: #ForceForDaniel Helps a Dying Man See The Force Awakens

Remember the movie Fanboys? Where Jay Baruchel and his buddies try to break into the Skywalker ranch so their terminally ill friend can see The Phantom Menace early, before...