Blink 61e84d25 featured 'X-Men' TV Show Recasts a 'Days of Future Past' Character, Because Continuity is for Chumps

They're just not even trying to be coherent anymore.

X men apocalypse e00496dd featured 'X-Men' TV Casts Its First Actor As Showrunner Explains Why We Won't See Professor X Any Time Soon

Here's hoping this isn't Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. all over again.

Bryan singer helmet ca0c806f featured Bryan Singer To Direct Pilot Episode For Unnamed 'X-Men' TV Show

Fox seems a little X-Men TV show crazy at the moment.


7293 zepsma jpg f31f3fab web
Led Zeppelin REUNITED Footage

Playing "Black Dog" liiiive...

7265 rangersmall jpg afff7060 web
Insane Japanese Power Rangers Parody

If this is what passes for sketch comedy in Japan...I'm moving to Japan.

7234 sharkssmall jpg 89124c60 web
Sexy Chick REALLY Scared Of Sharks

And who can blame her? Sharks are scary.

7225 bussmall jpg e2ea43bb web
A Double Decker Bus Tries To turn Around On A Small Bridge

It's for some European TV show. I guess over there, in "Europe," they don't care about risking the lives of people on TV. Niiiice.

7218 gladiatorsmall jpg c0a4768a web
American Gladiators Is COMING

The only bright spot on the TV lineup. Sure it's reality TV...but it's Gladiators, bro. C'mon.

7212 fartsmall jpg 969a53a8 web
Kenny Vs. Spenny Brings Us The Biggest Fart In The World

The sacrifices these guys go through to make people laugh are nutty.


7209 japanenglishsmall jpg d15a1644 web
Another Whacky "Japanese People Learning English" Video!

Last time they learned how not to get sexually assaulted. This time they learn how to express ther bowel discomfort.

7205 japaneseclothessmall jpg 71f6847c web
It's a Changing-Your-Clothes Competition On Japanese TV!

I would've liked to have been part of the studio audience for this one.

7170 courtsmall jpg 15d558ee web
A Chick Reads Her "Poem" On Some TV Court Show

Because the best place to express yourself is on "Cristina's Court." Duh!

7157 coinboobiessmall jpg f10db0b0 web
Boobie Coin Toss

Of course it's on Japanese TV.

7119 plungersmall jpg 2e469921 web
Guy Hurls Plungers At People's Backs

It's a strange talent, but he's great at it, nonetheless.

7114 damonsmall jpg 06cfc2a6 web
Matt Damon on Japanese TV

He participates in a whistling contest. Nuff said, right?!


7073 baiowulfsmall jpg 6873195a web
The Soup Presents: Baiowulf

He's out to kill Grendel. He's also 45 and single. And he used to be in charge...of our days AND our nights.