Anson mount d58d10aa featured 'Inhumans' Casts Ol' Tommy Triplecoat Up There as Black Bolt

I'm always upset when I remember that Anson Mount is not the guy who played Potsie on Happy Days.

Black lightning 06c83339 featured DC Planning 'Black Lightning' Series

Jefferson Pierce is coming to the CW

Powerrangers jpg d4964994 featured Not Into It: The New Power Rangers Costumes have Been Revealed, And They're... Not Great

A few weeks back, we got a look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, and I loved the new costume. Sexy, sleek, techy, and badass. Well, now we've gotten a first look at the...


Robertjordan11pb virt jpg bf766a8e featured Robert Jordan's Wheel Of Time Is Finally Hitting The Small Screen

Wheel of Time, the epic fantasy series by Robert Jordan, is finally heading to tv after a legal spat between Red Eagle Entertainment and Jordan's widow Harriet McDougal.

Supergirl flash header jpg 9fc1ac95 featured DC Gets Creative—For Once—With this Supergirl/Flash Crossover Promo Art

It's not surprising that DC, in the land of comics, stands for Distinguished Competition. That's about all they've provided the comic world for the better part of the last...

Nicholas meyer star trek jpg 9bf5db9c featured 'Wrath of Khan' Writer/Director Nicholas Meyer Joins Writing Staff of New 'Star Trek' Series

Nicholas Meyer, the man responsible for writing all of the "good" Star Trek movies featuring the original cast—II, IV, and VI—and directing both Wrath of Khan and The...

Theitchyscratchypoochieshow6 png c2cfa848 featured 'Simpsons' to Air Live Episode Despite it Being a Terrible Strain On the Animators' Wrists

The Simpsons is doing what all great shows that outlived their relevance do, resorting to gimmicky ratings grab maneuvers. Series Executive Producer Al Jean announced that...

Star trek hannibal jpg 01897dd6 featured 'Hannibal' Creator Bryan Fuller to Boldly Go Run New 'Star Trek' Series

Ever since Into Darkness, Star Trek fans are in need of a little love. That film's cloying, unearned stabs at sentimentality and fan service only ended up annoying fans and...

Legion of superheroes jpg 0ad006d7 featured One of DC's Lamest Teams Could Be Coming to the Small Screen

Among the various characters of the DC Universe, The Legion of Super-Heroes has got to be one of the worst DC creations not named Brother Power the Geek. The superhero team...


George martin jpg cb03ba28 featured George R. R. Martin Announces 'Winds of Winter' Won't Be Finished Before 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Premiere

Apropos of nothing, has anyone ever seen George R. R. Martin and Guillermo Del Toro in the same room together?

Van helsing 2 jpg 1405e0c6 featured SyFy to Make Shitty Movie Even Shittier

How, you may ask? Gender swap!