Cbm2016 6626df43 featured The Definitive Ranking of 2016's Comic Book Movies

The Double Viking team tackles the year that was in comic book movies with our definitive ranking

1401x788 cap superman 964bff06 featured Nicolas Cage Finally Weighs in on 2016's Comic Book Movies

Hollywood's reigning king of bad decision making has some thoughts on this year's comic book movie offerings

Justice leaguetrailer flash b2c49bf8 featured 'The Flash' Loses a Second Director

Have DC checked behind the back of the couch?

Screen shot 2016 10 31 at 10 45 11 am dee15343 featured 'Suicide Squad' Extended Trailer Promises More of the Same

Now with 10% more Juggalo Jared Leto

Screen shot 2016 10 13 at 9 44 27 am 651ac868 featured VIDEO: How 'Suicide Squad' Should Have Ended

This is arguably the best version of Suicide Squad that's been released!

Gal gadot wonder woman 2017 5k wide 9c48c3f4 featured Gal Gadot Assures Us That 'Wonder Woman' Is Nothing Like 'Batman v Superman'

Honestly, it would take a really shitty movie at this point to be worse than anything we've seen thus far, so I'm not too worried about this one.

Cmatrqxl 7b0b327e featured 'Suicide Squad' Concept Art Manages to Look Stupider Than What They Put on Screen

You'll be amazed by what was left on the cutting room floor.

Suicide squad movie characters calendar 3c5bc0c9 featured 'Suicide Squad' Has Made More Money Than 'Iron Man'

Wait until you see some of the other movies it's outgrossed... It'll make you depressed

Jai courtney ed755570 featured Jai Courtney Claims 'Suicide Squad' Wasn't Meant to be Enjoyed by His "Twelve-Year Old Niece"

It's time to catch up with everyone's favorite shitty uncle, Jai Courtney

Cover da5a8e1f featured 'Suicide Squad' Set To Be Top Halloween Costume For Kids And Adults

If any of these costumes make people want to go all "Jared Leto method" on people, sever any and all ties with said people immediately!

Batman 2616098a featured Time Warner CEO: There’s “A Little Room For Improvement” With the DCEU

Jeff Bewkes knows DC movies aren't great. He just doesn't care.

Gallerychar 1900x900 boostergold 52ab8b16cab6b4 43568615 6cead72e featured That Booster Gold Movie is Still Coming, Won't Be Part of the DCEU

Executive Producer Greg Berlanti claims the film has "no connective tissue" to the established DC Film Universe

Suicide squad arrox 4d00ba30 featured Corporate Politics Killed the Suicide Squad on ‘Arrow’, Says Greg Berlanti

DC is paying way too much attention to Superman's underpants.

Shia labeouf do it 587b2378 featured Shia LaBeouf Says He Was Rejected for a Role in ‘Suicide Squad’

DC finally got something right.

Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 casey jones april oneil aef9a80f featured Casey Jones Takes Center Stage in this 'Out of the Shadows' Blu-ray Featurette

More info on Casey Jones, if you give a shit

Suicide squad cast greets fans in tokyo 04 3b5a8da4 web 277e53bd featured 'Suicide Squad' Cast Greets Fans In Tokyo

The Squad hits the streets of Tokyo!