Ep8 teaser 1 sht v2 sm 783d28df featured Star Wars Episode VIII Has a Subtitle

Either way, this is the title. You've got a year to get used to it.

G i joe retaliation image03 edb8b21d featured G.I. Joe 3 Would Have Featured Transformers Because Who Fucking Cares Anymore?

Remember Hasbro,just because you can, doesn't mean you should...

Stranger things fan art 1c4f0afc featured A 'Stranger Things' 'Star Wars' Mash Up, And Other Great Fan-Art

Pierce Brosnan as Cable, Peter Dinklage as M.O.D.O.K., and The Phantom Menace reimagined as a movie you might want to watch!

Princess leia cgi 6a65392b featured Lucasfilm Quashes Rumors of a CGI Carrie Fisher

Suddenly, Disney finds the idea of reanimating the dead with computers to be offensive.

General organa carrie fisher d13050ee featured Disney is in Talks With Fisher Estate Over the Future of Princess Leia

Still the best Disney Princess of all time.

Han solo movie 021016 febf2875 featured Woody Harrelson Will Make Sure Han Solo Doesn't Get Munsoned in the Middle of Nowhere

The question now is, will he be bringing the landlady from Kingpin along for the ride too?

Daisy ridley birthday cee050df featured Rian Johnson Waxes Poetic About Luke and Rey's Relationship in Episode VIII

Find out why the film will start mere moments after The Force Awakens.

Kylo ren tie fighter e5c7a5e6 featured LEGO Set May Reveal New Variety of TIE Fighter for 'Star Wars Episode VIII'

Of course the ultimate Darth Vader fanboy would get a TIE Fighter just like his idol

First order stormtrooper 01072016 jpeg c9aae993 web  1  51a82c0b featured Tom Hardy Weighs In On That Rumored 'Star Wars Episode VIII' Cameo

When he finds out who spoiled the rumor, he's not going to go easy on them

Rogueone cassian jyn beach battle 467af66e featured 'Rogue One' Deleted Scenes Teased in New Images

One thing that most people were up in arms about regardingRogue Oneis the fact that so much footage from the trailer was absent from the film.

Princess leia cgi 72731565 featured Lucasfilm Meets To Discuss Princess Leia's Role In 'Episode IX'

Spoiler alert: they'll almost definitely recreate Carrie Fisher digitally.

Thor dark world rock monster ccb08a50 featured ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Plot Summary Reveals That It’s Basically ‘Star Wars’ With Norse Mythology

Most of Disney’s 2017 movie lineup are space operas of some form.

Christian bale han solo 885eca52 featured Christian Bale passed on 'Han Solo' Mentor Role? Oh Goooooooooooood For Him!

Christian Bale is done visiting children's hospitals!

Screen shot 2017 01 04 at 10 54 56 am 5ae0d7ce featured 'Rogue One' Editors Finally Reveal What Those Reshoots Entailed

The editors of the film talk about what the 'Rogue One' reshoots did for the film, all of it positive.

Han and lando1 1a288dc1 featured Woody Harrelson to Mentor Han Solo on Uses for Hemp and How to Crush Ass

Him, Han, Lando, and Chewie couldform one hell of a beaver patrol

Carrie fisher and mark hamill ad9ebf2b featured Oscar Isaac Shares Behind The Scenes Photo of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill

I'm not crying. It's just raining on my face.