Ep8 teaser 1 sht v2 sm 783d28df featured Star Wars Episode VIII Has a Subtitle

Either way, this is the title. You've got a year to get used to it.

Daisy ridley birthday cee050df featured Rian Johnson Waxes Poetic About Luke and Rey's Relationship in Episode VIII

Find out why the film will start mere moments after The Force Awakens.

Kylo ren tie fighter e5c7a5e6 featured LEGO Set May Reveal New Variety of TIE Fighter for 'Star Wars Episode VIII'

Of course the ultimate Darth Vader fanboy would get a TIE Fighter just like his idol


First order stormtrooper 01072016 jpeg c9aae993 web  1  51a82c0b featured Tom Hardy Weighs In On That Rumored 'Star Wars Episode VIII' Cameo

When he finds out who spoiled the rumor, he's not going to go easy on them

Untitled ddfe7df8 featured Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill Confirm Principal Photography Has Wrapped on 'Episode VIII'

Let the countdown to reshoot outrage commence!

Ckdodvxukaejpef 33d62b9f featured Rian Johnson Confirms Filming Almost Finished on 'Episode VIII'

Everything we've heard about Star Wars: Episode VIII thus far has revolved around how much darker it will be than The Force Awakens, and with good reason. The second act in...

First order stormtrooper 01072016 jpeg c9aae993 featured Tom Hardy in 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'? Um, Yes Please!

So there were apparently rumors floating about the various internets that Tom Hardy was dipping his toes into the Star Wars Universe, and while a lot of people just jumped...

May4th featured jpg 6072ceea featured May the 4th Be With You

May 4 is a great date on the calendar. Not only is it exactly one week from my birthday, but it's also Star Wars Day. With Star Wars projects in development from now until...

Ep 8 thumb 1536x864 278076908271 jpg 662eddfa featured Rian Johnson Runs a Tidy Starship as These 'Star Wars Episode VIII' Set Pics Show

Part of the reason I wasn't really anything more than cautiously optimistic about Star Wars Episode VII was because I more or less knew exactly what to expect from J.J....


Luke and rey training star wars episode 8 jpg 577fe79c featured POTENTIALLY HUGE Star Wars Episode VIII SPOILERS AHEAD!

I mean it when I say that if this turns out to be true, you're going to wish you didn't read it. Just warning you one last time before you click on this...

Screen shot 2016 02 15 at 9 23 38 am png 60feabdd featured 'Star Wars Episode VIII' Announces Start of Production with a Teaser

Not every movie announces the start of production with a thirty second teaser trailer, but not every movie is Star Wars Episode VIII. Production has begun on the second...

 1450744577 jpg fd95002d featured Star Wars Episode VIII Pushed Back to December 2017

It always seemed a little unrealistic that we'd be getting Star Wars Episode VIII a mere 18 months after The Force Awakens, and now it looks like that was all too good to...

Poe and finn ew xlarge jpg 323f3898 featured John Boyega Confirms Episode VIII Will Be "Darker"

In a statement sure to be misinterpreted by that group of dipshit white men's rights activists, John Boyega confirmed in an interview with Vogue that he's seen the script...