Mr sinister 59492890 featured Mr Sinister Will Appear in an 'X-Men' Movie, Says Simon Kinberg

Because what the X-Men movies really needs is another overblown Saturday morning cartoon villain.

Simon kinberg 5fa42008 featured Simon Kinberg is in Talks to Steal the 'X-Men' Director's Chair From Bryan Singer

Because what the franchise desperately needs is an overeager fanboy who's never directed a movie before.

X men tv hellfire 2ad5d714 featured Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb Talks X-Men Series and Hellfire's Failure to Launch

Listen to this dude, Jeph Loeb, he knows what he's talking about


Xmen 5 fb9ebb0d featured 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Gets Digital HD and DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates

Digital HD fans will get the film in their homes a full month before physical media enthusiasts

X men comic cartoon wallpaper 8524dbfa featured Fox TV Developing Mutant Based Live Action Series Set in the X-Men World

Don't get too excited, it sounds like it could be shitty

Screen shot 2016 06 27 at 9 04 16 am ae8bab6a featured 'Deadpool' Sequel Starts Shooting Next Year and Character Shows Up in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Japanese Trailer

The Merc with a Mouth gave Japanese fans a huge surprise!

Fantastic four 101641311 261 jpg cdceebbb web jpg b1e0084c featured Fox Has Big—Albeit Vague—Plans for 'Fantastic Four' in the Future

Fox has tried and failed three times now to get the Fantastic Four into a decent vehicle befitting their legendary status as Marvel's First Family, but they're not about to...

Xmna04 jpg 5dececaa featured Movie Review 1: X-Men: Apocalypse

The finale to the First Class trilogy is also mostly a prequel to a whole bunch of other X-movies. So let's just stop with these ultimatums in the title, okay guys?

Gambit jpg 226ab8dd featured X-Producer Simon Kinberg Explains the Delays Plaguing 'Gambit'

It's fairly undeniable that the one X-Man who has yet to make any sort of impact on film is Gambit. The cajun-fried master of kinetic energy has only shown up in one big...


X men apocalypse trailer 1 cyclops jpg 802e3729 featured Does Bryan Singer Want to Take the X-Men to Space?

It wasn't all that surprising when we learned that the next X-Men film after Apocalypse would be set in the 90s, considering the films have each had a decade jump since the...

Screen shot 2016 04 25 at 8 58 19 am png a565bdff web png 42643058 featured Bryan Singer Talks About Why Wolverine is in 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

If you're a cynical asshole like me, the appearance of Wolverine in the most recent X-Men: Apocalypse trailer left you saying, "like they were gonna make one of these...

Fantastic four 101641311 261 jpg cdceebbb featured Fox is Apparently Dead Set on Getting The Fantastic Four Right

As Kenny Rogers once said, "know when to walk away, know when to run," but Fox apparently never got that memo. The studio has now made three attempts to successfully bring...

The marauders with gambit and mister sinister jpg 1435e260 featured 'X-Men: Apocalypse' End Credits Scene Teases Big Name in X Universe

While X-Men: Apocalypse was screened for critics earlier this week, the post-credits scene was held back and won't debut until the film is released later this month. Now...

90s x men wallpaper jpg a1948724 featured The X-Men's Next Screen Adventure Will Take Them to the Dippin' Dots Loving, Zubaz Wearing 1990s

If you've always longed for the Jim Lee-era X-Men to get their due on the big screen, you're in for a bit of good news today. According to X-Producer Simon Kinberg, the...

Avxhc cov jpg ebef9108 featured Add 'Deadpool' Director Tim Miller to the List of People Who Want an MCU/X-Men Crossover

Unlike Sony, Fox (mostly) knows how to keep their Marvel owned properties in good hands, with a Fantastic Four film cropping up every few years to fill its role as the...


New mutants jpg 03b335e8 featured 'New Mutants' Producer Hints at Some X-Men Showing Up in the Film

While they continue not giving a shit about the Fantastic Four's legacy, 20th Century Fox presses on with the only Marvel characters left in their care that they give a...