Hellboy1 7e93e100 featured Guillermo Del Toro Is Solely To Blame for the Death of Hellboy 3

Despite dragging fans along for nearly a decade, Guillermo Del Toro finally announces the death of Hellboy 3, butthe truth is, it's his fault the project never made it in...

Blade runner 886f4619 featured ‘Blade Runner 2’ Director Admits The Movie “May Be a Very Bad Idea”

Denis Villeneuve worries about making "horrific" changes to 'Blade Runner' canon.

Splashd moranis thr e5b5769a featured Rick Moranis On Why He Didn't Cameo in 'Ghostbusters' Reboot

You really have to respect this man


Russos tease new characters for avengers infinity war explain why it s bigger than c 929748 cb777551 featured The Russo Brothers Further Explain the Infinity War/Avengers 4 Situation

When will we find out the title for Avengers 4? At some point.

Milla jovovich in resident evil the final chapter 02 4e8f5c36 featured 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' Trailer, Posters, and More!

Resident Evil 6—yes, six—has a trailer, subtitle, and posters, but still no number to tell us which godforsaken sequel we're on now.

Ghost feature small a213cdd1 web 43c6c7d7 featured Ghosts The Ghostbusters Should Fight Next

Which real-life spirits should get busted in the next movie?

Avengers infinity war 1024x576 2d853c46 featured 'Avengers: Infinity War' Now Just One Movie

Hear what the screenwriters have to say about this consolidation

Blade runner concept art   bigger f49e0be2 featured Why 'Blade Runner 2' Will Be Great (and Why It Won't)

Should we be excited about the new "Blade Runner" film—or angry? We list the pros and cons of the sci-fi sequel.

Lostboys3 34a231e0 featured The Lost Boys Is Getting A *Proper* Sequel—As A Comic

80s horror film buffs, prepare yourselves!


Batman v superman fight by dj prince  norway  by djprincenorway d9pg7mm 2c5255f5 featured Reaction to 'Batman v Superman' Changed Tone of 'Justice League' But is That a Good Thing?

While virtually everyone was surprised that Batman v Superman turned out to be a dour disaster, no one was more surprised than Zack Snyder himself. Criticism of the tone of...

X2 x men united 516805b64b011 jpg b0a5cff8 featured X-Men Review-a-Thon Starts Tomorrow!

Hey bub, we've got a new X-Men movie being released one week from today, so what better way to celebrate than by re-watching and reviewing all of the main X-Men films...

Screen shot 2015 07 28 at 6 54 33 pm png a47e71ae featured Welcome (Back) To The Space Jam: LeBron James Teams Up With Justin Lin To Bring Back Bugs And Basketball

From Star Trek: Beyond to SPACE JAM! Director Justin Lin is reportedly directing the sequel to the 1996 Bugs-Bunny-Meets-Michael-Jordan-Meets-Space-Monsters flick Space Jam...

James cameron png b6e065f1 featured So What the Hell is Up with James Cameron and His Four 'Avatar' Sequels?

Up until a few months ago, Avatar was the highest grossing film in North America, yet it's one that no one ever seems to talk about. It was sort of an unloved phenomenon. A...

Steven spielberg harrison ford drehen gemeinsam in jpg 7cd2097b featured Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg to Return for 'Indiana Jones 5' in 2019

In an official press release yesterday, Disney announced that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have committed to a fifth Indiana Jones film. While the press release...

The incredibles 2 cars 3 jpg 14e88d69 featured 'Incredibles 2' and 'Cars 3' Have Directors

Let's get the great news out of the way, right away. Brad Bird has made it official that he'll be back at the helm of Incredibles 2, which is obviously a fantastic call and...


La beef jpg e809974f featured A 'Transformers' Sequel a Year from 2017-2019? What Could Go Wrong?

Yes, I know Shia LaBeef is not in these movies anymore, but I never get tired of seeing him with his Padawan learning braid he got for being bat shit crazy.