Screen shot 2017 02 23 at 9 00 39 am 2ceaf8ee featured 'Rogue One' Blu-ray and Digital HD Release Dates Announced

The first Star Wars Anthology film hits Digital HD on 3/24 and DVD & Blu-ray on 4/4

Princess leia cgi e06e9544 featured Here's The Explanation Behind Princess Leia's Appearance in 'Rogue One'

Now we have an answer to why she was just hanging out at the end of the movie.

Phcrp1484579658 f87c3dbe featured Steve's Top Ten Films of 2016

Steve's 10 best films of the year, none of which are comic book related (sorry!)


Rogueone cassian jyn beach battle 467af66e featured 'Rogue One' Deleted Scenes Teased in New Images

One thing that most people were up in arms about regardingRogue Oneis the fact that so much footage from the trailer was absent from the film.

Screen shot 2017 01 04 at 10 54 56 am 5ae0d7ce featured 'Rogue One' Editors Finally Reveal What Those Reshoots Entailed

The editors of the film talk about what the 'Rogue One' reshoots did for the film, all of it positive.

Ben mendelsohn 7b2ac1d2 featured Ben Mendelsohn Reveals He Filmed 30 Versions of Some Scenes for 'Rogue One'

It's a miracle this movie didn't turn into an incoherent mess.

Best of 2016 clem and nora 323f63c3 featured Steve's Daughters' Top Ten Films of 2016

Clementine and Elanora weigh in on the best films of 2016

Closed for the holidays d3fed241 featured What We're Watching Over Holiday Break

Here's what the Double Viking staff is doing, watching, seeing, reading, and otherwise consuming over our extended break...

Mace windu 27d3a8d7 featured An Early Draft of 'Rogue One' Had a Really Dumb Jedi Character

As in, the idea was dumb. The Jedi wasn't of low intelligence or anything.


Rogue one feature ec230fc8 featured Did the End of "Rogue One" Make Sense?

How well did it match "A New Hope"? And how well did it have to?

Mv5bmtg1mzayoduyof5bml5banbnxkftztgwnje0ntezmdi   v1 sx1777 cr0 0 1777 744 al  4f62599c featured Movie Review 2: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Steve reviews Rogue One and takes Star Wars fans to task for their selective hatred of so-called "fan service"

Nerf herder cf0085ee featured ‘Rogue One’ Originally Planned To Feature Actual Nerf Herders

No word yet on whether or not they’d have been scruffy-looking.

Rogue one a star wars story storm troopers e84af82e featured BATTLE: 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Spoiler Discussion

Brandy and Jason discuss the first Star Wars anthology film in this spoiler filled battle!

Donnie yen attends  rogue one a star wars story  in china  04 1c8c811d featured Donnie Yen Attends 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Premiere In China

If you've seenRogue Onealready, chances are Donnie Yen is one of your top three favorite things about the film.

Star wars rogue one banner 74d08155 featured 'Rogue One' Reigns With Nearly $300 Million at the Worldwide Box Office

The Force is strong with this one


F86ztz6tpveqguvm468tbm b9bd7aa9 featured Movie Review 1: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

'Rogue One'manages to be pretty good despite a number of nitpicks that threaten to derail the film.