Goblin queen 2b5fa1ee featured Dorkgasm: Double Viking Shares The Best And Worst Ways Fandom Has Influenced Their Love Lives

Sometimes, it's hard to meet someone who shares your fandoms—and good luck spending an entire season indoors with someone who doesn't without going stir crazy. With that in...

Cosplay spotlight rose and fi 14 85be7f1d featured Cosplay Spotlight: Rose And Fi

The gorgeous cosplay team Rose and Fi made quite a showing at NYCC last weekend, and we've got the photographic evidence!

Flamingpokeball b809088d featured Weirdest Headline I've Ever Written: Dude Plays Pokemon Theme On Flaming Bagpipes While Dressed As Charmander and Balancing On A Giant PokeBall

I don't know how much more there is to say about this video—the headline pretty much explains it all.