Harley b768f491 featured BATTLE: Superpowered Love: The Best (And Worst) Couples In Comics

Happy Valentine's Day, lovers and haters! And in the spirit of loving and hating, Steve and I have decided to have a little battle on the best and worst couples in comics,...

Megan fox 38e4c98e featured Megan Fox Rumored to Play Poison Ivy in 'Gotham City Sirens'

Well, at least she's trying to escape from Michael Bay.

Cosplay spotlight hannah indigo 05 e5afe124 featured Cosplay Spotlight Hannah Indigo

According to her Facebook page, Hannah Indigo is a "Cosplayer and Special FX Make Up Artist from the UK," but that only scratches the surface


Dorothy wang poison ivy for maxim halloween party 02 1bb108a0 featured Dorothy Wang Poison Ivy For Maxim Halloween Party

I had no idea that Maxim had a Halloween Party, but it came as no surprise to learn that the gorgeous Dorothy Wang basically owned the night with her Poison Ivy costume.

Bumblebee dc jpg 28c3ece1 featured BATTLE: Which Females Should Show Up In The Solo Harley Quinn Flick?

We learned earlier this week that DC is making a solo Harley Quinn film with a lot of female characters from the DCU. It is rumored to be penned by a yet-as-unnamed female...

Ivy11 jpg 6b8e71ed featured Happy 50th Birthday, Poison Ivy! The Best Poison Ivy Cosplay

Poison Ivy is 50 today, and her vine-laced curves and deadly lips have fueled cosplay dreams all over the globe! With her sassy attitude, seductive ways, deadly charm, and...

Charlie wilson s jihad jpg 7304ad3f featured Tom Hanks is in Some Movie No One's Ever Heard Of

And no, it's not Charlie Wilson's Jihad