Zack snyder jpg ecbf217a web c4314846 featured Now There's a Petition to Let Zack Snyder Direct More DCEU Films

What the fuck, internet?

Screen shot 2016 08 03 at 8 53 04 am 7f405cb2 featured DC Fans Want Rotten Tomatoes Shut Down Because of Negative 'Suicide Squad' Reviews

The never-ending battle between fanboys and critics rages on!

788934 4f8a75df featured What Does Sebastian Stan Think About a Bucky and Cap Romance?

One of the greatest things about fandom is how we're allowed to see ourselves in superhuman characters, but that's just not enough for a lot of fans. Petitions have been...


Zack snyder jpg ecbf217a featured Fans Start a Petition to Remove Zack Snyder from Justice League Because Internet Petitions Always Work

I get it Superman and Batman fans, I really do. You're pissed off right now, and rightfully so. You were promised an awesome Batman vs Superman movie and right now, you're...