Deadpool 146b4ca0 featured 'Deadpool 2' Script Writer Changes Are Untrue, Says Ryan Reynolds

If they're still working on the script, this movie's cutting it fine to make it release date.

Deadpool x force 796c8d56 featured 'Deadpool 2' To "Set Up" 'X-Force' Movie

Writers promise this blatant advertizing will at least be a little more subtle than Amazing Spider-Man.

04f6533bb7a4a51dec65fdef0d14ae16 jpg 6a70c290 featured 'Deadpool' Director and Screenwriters Chat About Cable and His Potential Role in 'Deadpool 2'

Ever since Ryan Reynolds Ferris Buellered his way through the Deadpool end credits, people have been speculating about whom they'll cast to play Cable in the sequel. Just...


Deadpool movie poster 2016 jpg f5b541aa featured Deadpool Blu-Ray Includes Commentary With Liefeld, Because The Film Isn't Funny Enough Already

Good news, everyone, we have the rundown on Deadpool's bonus features for the Blu-Ray release, according to their Twitter account—and if you weren't sold on buying the DVD...