Jason momoa aquaman 1eba8400 featured Nicole Kidman Confirmed for 'Aquaman'

This means that Nicole Kidman and Jango Fett somehow created Jason Momoa... Figure that shit out!

Screen shot 2017 01 25 at 12 15 44 pm 44faafca featured The Gang's Mostly Here in First 'Aquaman' Cast Pic

This picture sends a powerful message to Johnny Depp

Stranger things fan art 1c4f0afc featured A 'Stranger Things' 'Star Wars' Mash Up, And Other Great Fan-Art

Pierce Brosnan as Cable, Peter Dinklage as M.O.D.O.K., and The Phantom Menace reimagined as a movie you might want to watch!


Patrick wilson 081a08fd featured Patrick Wilson is Super Excited About Aquaman's Special Effects for Some Reason

Don't get ahead of yourself, Patrick. Your job is just to believably pretend to be a fish person.

Watchmen 9 jpg 05840a69 featured Who Re-Watches the 'Watchmen'? This Guy!

A film adaptation of Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons' immortal 12-issue limited comic series Watchmen had been languishing in development hell since it was first published in...