Danny rand b5eabca9 featured Iron Fist Is Not a White Savior, Claims Finn Jones

You can't be a White Savior if you never save anyone, apparently.

Stranger things 84feb968 featured 'Stranger Things' Cast Tease Second Season With Adorable Video

These kids are just the best, you guys.

Danny rand press conference da64ffd5 featured New 'Iron Fist' Trailer Analysis: Is Danny Rand Too Rich?

Surely the MCU has enough Tony Stark knockoffs already.


Stranger things 2 1405bb41 featured 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Teaser Is Frustratingly Awesome

Halloween is a long way away.

Iron fist comic 9389c2db featured Finn Jones Lets Slip About His Classic 'Iron Fist' Costume

Sounds like we'll be getting a classic comic-accurate costume, and that's amazing.

Sigourney2 097b3e65 featured Veteran Badass Lady Sigourney Weaver's Character Revealed For Defenders

The internet has been trying to guess which famous Marvel baddie would be played by Alien's Sigourney Weaver since it was announced that she'd signed on for the show. Well,...

Rachael taylor and krysten ritter film  defenders  in nyc 04 7bdc0e71 featured Rachael Taylor And Krysten Ritter Film 'Defenders' In NYC

Well, it looks like Trish is going to be onThe Defenders.

Matt murdock 0dcac148 featured Charlie Cox Literally Blinded Himself to Play Daredevil

Perhaps that's going a bit too far for the craft.

Elektra 615232e1 featured Elektra to Return From the Dead in ‘The Defenders’

Oh, hey, spoilers. Whoops.


Phil coulson 28fdfddb featured Kevin Feige on MCU TV/Movie Crossovers: “It All Depends on Timing”

Which is code for, "not right now, leave me alone".

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Our spoiler-filled review of Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 13, "You Know My Steez"

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The wait won't be as long as we once thought

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Kevin Feige doesn't want Netflix characters in the MCU because he's a world class control freak

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Our spoiler-filled review for Luke Cage, Season 1 Episode 11 "Now You're Mine"


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