Lego batman v superman c87d004b featured 'LEGO Batman' Song Makes 'Batman v Superman' Seem Self Aware

LEGO Batman song + Batman v Superman footage = Comedy Gold!

Film scoring 10568133 featured Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy Music

Inspiring music from worlds of adventure.

Horror musical feature 7870bbb4 featured Three Horror Musicals That Flopped

What killed these monster musicals?


Got theme 1 dbfbfb73 featured Awesome Versions of the 'Game of Thrones' Theme

From opera to samba to jazz.

Death star rogue one 62eea5b5 featured Michael Giacchino Takes Over as ‘Rogue One’ Composer

I have a bad feeling about this...

Dancing groot 40e463d4 featured 'Every Frame a Painting' Calls Out Marvel For Boring Movie Music

Popular YouTuber argues that Marvel's sound department is pretty much just coasting as this point.

Suicide squad1 c077af9c featured 'Suicide Squad' Soundtrack Features Plenty of Rotten Music, Though 30 Seconds to Mars is Noticeably Absent

One of my favorite jokes in the hilarious and criminally under-seen Popstar referred to fifteen seconds being "half the time it takes to get to Mars." Sadly for Jared...

959644 princealteregocover jpg d581cf14 featured Prince was Such a Badass, He was Once a DC Comics Superhero

While the world mourns over the passing of one of the titans of the music industry, we here at Double Viking are remembering the time DC immortalized His Royal Badness as a...

Prince 290315 616x440 png d9dbf8ca featured R.I.P. His Royal Badness... Prince Dead at 57

We don't really cover music here at Double Viking, but the passing of a legend is too great to ignore. While details are scant at the moment, we can't help but pause and...


Ben affleck sound of summer simon and garfunkel 4716 compressed jpg a506cb7f featured The Power of Sad Affleck Helps 'Sound of Silence' Chart for the First Time in Decades

Having racked up nearly 22 million views since it debuted two weeks ago, this brilliant video dubbed "Sad Affleck" has shown the power of a truly great song. That's right,...

Nervanaheader png 3700f87c featured Using These Crazy Headphones Might Be Better Than Getting High

And it's all thanks to dopamine.

Screen shot 2016 02 10 at 9 21 03 am png 984c2171 featured Ewan McGregor and Gary Oldman Pay Tribute to David Bowie at L.A. Concert

Everyone loves David Bowie. It's a fact. Many, many respected celebrities and dignitaries have offered their condolences and remembrances, but Ewan McGregor and Gary Oldman...

6981414 adele pictures jpg 26a7cdec featured Five Second Break: Adele Meets Mozart in This Moving Mashup

Half 'Hello' and half Mozart's 'Lacrimosa', this mashup is all the feels.

2014 09 24 davidbowie1973makeuplook320x480 jpg 412fd1aa featured Please Be True, Please Be True: Tilda Swinton to Play David Bowie in Upcoming Biopic?

In case you didn't know, David Bowie and Tilda Swinton were totes best buds. Totes McGotes. Swinton appeared as Bowie's wife in the video for The Stars (Are Out Tonight),...

O david bowie 2013 facebook jpg 04a85d95 featured David Bowie 1947-2016

Mere days after turning 69 and releasing his 25th and final studio album, David Bowie parted this earthly realm on January 10, 2016.


Maxresdefault jpg 63c646cd featured My Favorite Screen Trends: The Cast Sing Along

One of my favorite trends in all of film and television is the cast sing along. That moment in a film or television show where a song comes on and unites the cast, usually...