1280x720 qsg b6e3a52f featured Movie Review: DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's THE FANTASTIC FOUR

Think you know all there is to know about 1994's never officially released "Fantastic Four" movie? Think again!

Justin lin 8e53e840 featured Justin Lin: From 'Fast and Furious' to 'Star Trek' to... Hot Wheels?

He does know how to make car racing cinematic, and definitely knows how to make things go boom!

Lumberjanes feature 314d012d featured The Film Based On Adorable Comic Lumberjanes Has A Director Now

Lumberjanes is headed to the big screen, and now the film has a director


8081 minecraft2 92346451 featured The 'Minecraft' Movie Has a Release Date, No Script

It does have a director as well, just in case you were curious

The flash logo 049cf10f featured 'The Flash' Director Rick Famuyiwa Gives Us a Peek Inside His Process

It's got to be difficult to helm a superhero movie, if only because unless you're a lifelong fan of the character, the preparation seems endless. Take Dope director Rick...

5895 4d004882 featured Movie Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Do movies get worse than 2014's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Yes. Yes they do.

X men days of future past movie wide2 jpg dd0f09d4 featured Movie Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

The sequel to X-Men: First Class blends the past, present, and future for a mostly satisfying comic book adventure

X men first class 2011 jpg fa2165da featured Movie Review: X-Men: First Class (2011)

A scant five years after shitting the bed with The Last Stand, Fox rebooted the X-Men franchise with this fairly solid and entertaining flick

Masters of the universe logo 1024x640 jpg 88202990 featured McG Needs to Keep His Filthy Paws Off My Beloved 'Masters of the Universe'

Devastating news today for all He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fans as notorious hack director McG is in talks to direct their return to the big screen for Sony. I...


Sundance benm slowwest jpg 7a92993f featured Please Be True, Please Be True: Ben Mendelsohn May Play 'Ready Player One' Villain for Spielberg

Ben Mendelsohn is the best. If you don't agree, we can't be friends. Sorry. The Australian actor steals most every movie he's in from The Place Beyond the Pines to Killing...

0014004483 jpg 33996ca8 featured Company Not Required to Release Actual Viewer Statistics Claims Adam Sandler Movie Did Huge Numbers

Despite not knowing a soul who has seen it, I will admit that I've come precipitously close to being Stockholm Syndromed into watching Adam Sandler's Netflix exclusive...

6994 valk thumb jpg 97d0e9f7 web
Tom Cruise's Valkyrie Movie Trailer

Tom Cruise heads an international cast as Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, the aristocratic German officer who led the heroic attempt to bring down the Nazi regime and end the...

6965 datemovie jpg 705c1e3d web
The Only Reason To Watch "Date Movie"

The movie wasn't funny. But the girl is absolutely hot.

6919 notldthm jpg 7787166b web
Night of the Living Dead

In honor of Halloween, please enjoy the entirety of George A. Romero's 1968 horror masterpiece. We're coming to get you, Barbra.

6684 turkishrambolg1 jpg 29339686 web
The Turkish Rambo

Wow, this is pretty amazing. I wish my life had sound effects like those, not to mention the fight choreography. Magnificent.


6497 6497 ironmanlg jpg da0d8f9c web
Iron Man Is in the Building

Check out this most recent Iron Man trailer. I can't wait... and yet, I have to wait. So I guess I can wait.