Melissa benoist films  supergirl  03 52a41927 featured Melissa Benoist Films 'Supergirl'

Everyone loves Supergirl, ergo everyone loves Melissa Benoist. It's simple mathematics

Melissa benoist stills and posters from  supergirl  season 2 09 20608ade featured Melissa Benoist Stills And Posters From 'Supergirl' Season 2

The second season of Supergirl premieres on Monday and we've got some great publicity stills to get you pumped!

Supergirl 117 01 jpg 821d9c97 featured Our First Really Good Look at Martian Manhunter from Next Week's 'Supergirl'

Of all the founding members of the Justice League, Martian Manhunter has certainly gotten the shortest shrift in the live action realm. I've never been sure why DC seems to...