Mel gibson face 4f2bb4ae featured Mel Gibson Doesn’t Know What’s Going on With ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Who'd have thought this would prove to be a bad idea?

Mel gibson 934987dc featured Mel Gibson and ‘Suicide Squad 2’: Why DC is Deliberately Making Controversial Decisions, And How It’ll Eventually Backfire

Nothing’s better for marketing than throwing a racist at people.

Sugartits squad 9c04f0cd featured Mel Gibson in Talks to Direct Suicide Squad Sequel, Presumably Titled 'Sugartits Squad'

Will Mel finally and conclusively prove that the Suicide Squad is responsible for all the wars in the world?


0804 mel02 0513f730 featured Mel Gibson Thinks 'Batman v Superman' is "A Piece of Shit"

While we lament the loss of a potentially insane Mel Gibson performance in a Marvel movie, he pops his head back out to let us know that he's apparently not interested in...

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In pitch meeting, we take Hollywood's worst ideas and turn them into solid gold. This week, we're looking at Mel Gibson's 2004 masterpiece of modern gore The Passion of the...

Cable jpg faf9665f featured BATTLE: Who Should Play Cable?

So by now, most people have heard that Ron Perlman has thrown his hat in the ring to play Cable in Deadpool 2. Is Ron the right choice, or is there a better option? Let's...

Odin loki thor marvel movie film gods norse mythology myth myths heathen jpg 7f6b30b6 featured Mel Gibson Actually Turned Down a Substantial Role in the MCU

Once upon a time, Mel Gibson was a god in Hollywood. Then everyone found out his father was insane, he got drunk and called a cop "sugar tits," had some choice words for...

Mad max fury road helmer george miller declares its success good fun jpg 3bb36ea6 featured George Miller Will Mad Max No More, Forever

Sequel buzz has swirled around Mad Max: Fury Road from the very beginning, with Tom Hardy admitting that he was signed for three more films. All of that hangs in doubt now...