Matt damon the great wall movie d71e9c0d featured Movie Review: The Great Wall

While there isn't much that's great about The Great Wall, the action film-cum-grand experiment is a definite sign of things to come in the motion picture industry.

519117471 c o fd3b018c featured So We Might Finally Get Matt Damon as Harvey Dent in the DCEU

We may yet right one of the great casting wrongs. No offense, Aaron Eckhart

Screen shot 2016 04 21 at 9 19 05 am png 6eadd450 featured New Trailer for 'Bourne Again' or Whatever the Shit this Bourne Sequel is Called

The Bourne movies are decent. I own the first three, don't think I've watched them in close to a decade at this point though. Nevertheless, a lot of people are jacked for...


Bourne  baboons  goldblum jpg 73197ef3 featured Bourne, Baboons, and goldBlum, Oh My! It's the Super Bowl Trailer Roundup

The Super Bowl has been the place to kick off your event movie's advertising campaign ever since that memorable Independence Day trailer that played during Super Bowl XXX....

1449761411 golden globes 600x335 jpg 141d94bc featured 2016 Golden Globe Recap (Spoilers: We Did Alright)

The Golden Globes were last night and they were full of surprises. Below you'll find the full list of winners from the film side of things.

Matt damon martian jpg 0e203e5b featured Hollywood Has Spent Over $900 Billion Saving Matt Damon Characters

The actor has been draining fictitious budgets with his movie hijinks.

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Matt Damon on Japanese TV

He participates in a whistling contest. Nuff said, right?!