Screen shot 2016 08 30 at 11 05 02 am 6a3f9f80 featured It's the Avengers/Full House Mash-Up You Never Knew You Needed

Everywhere you look...

Frozen awakens 1 jpg acd372a8 featured I Liked These 'Frozen Awakens' Comics More Than I'd Care to Admit

You can keep all your fan mash-ups, I'm not all that interested in them. That's the first thought that ran through my head when I read the phrase Frozen Awakens, but once I...

Screen shot 2015 12 14 at 12 57 51 pm png 3bc5eb5c featured Save Valuable Time, Watch All 6 'Star Wars' Movies at Once

I'm in the midst of rewatching all six Star Wars films in anticipation of The Force Awakens coming out, though I'm not seeing it until the 22nd so I can see it with my...


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Tyra Banks B*tches Out Britney Spears

Ohhh snap. Helarious.