X 23 6a647005 featured Promo Video For 'Logan' Shows X-23 Getting Her Claws

This scene is a far cry from any Bryan Singer Alkali Lake nonsense.

Team thor 2 cee39be4 featured 'Team Thor: Pt 2' Makes Us Yearn For a Full Marvel Mockumentary

Thor explains why his body is covered in brains.

Hela comics d41ef600 featured 'Thor: Ragnarok' Concept Art Gives Us Our First Look At Cate Blanchett's Hela

Also: an alien gladiator battle between a Norse God and a green rage monster! Because comics!

1140 michael douglas smile esp imgcache rev1455828587895 web 8a1b59ec featured Cunnilingus-Related Cancer Survivor Michael Douglas to Return for 'Ant-Man and the Wasp'

We must never forget the dangers of cunnilingus, and thanks to Michael Douglas, we never will

Tom holland robert downey dfc308fa featured Marvel Shows Off With 'Infinity War' Teaser That Stars Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Star Lord Together

Marvel's hot, and the entire studio knows it.

Captain marvel space b5b32235 featured 'Captain Marvel' Writer Discusses the Challenges of Writing a Female Superhero

It's not easy when Marvel really doesn't want to make a female-led movie.

Spider man toy 2 d2d5fb72 featured New 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Toys Reveal New Iron Man Suit, Three Spidey Costumes

Because movies exist to sell you crap, and you should never forget it.

Danny rand press conference da64ffd5 featured New 'Iron Fist' Trailer Analysis: Is Danny Rand Too Rich?

Surely the MCU has enough Tony Stark knockoffs already.

Pom klementieff mantis guardians galaxy 2 75ee5ea3 featured News Site Exploits Pom Klementieff's Willingness to Talk About Guardians Vol. 2

Marvel has that shit on lockdown, though, don't you worry

Benicio del toro 46a77617 featured Benicio Del Toro is in Atlanta, Therefore He Must Be in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

If you've been in a Marvel movie and find yourself in Atlanta these days, everyone's going to assume you're showing up in Avengers: Infinity War

Dormammu concept 4 eef515d4 featured Yet Another Batch of 'Doctor Strange' Concept Images Make Dormammu Look Like Death

Seriously, just set a stuntman on fire. It's not that hard to get Dormammu right.

Thanos infinity gauntlet 57b0f156 featured Thanos is the Main Character of ‘Infinity War’, Says Kevin Feige

Finally, a decent Marvel villain?

Doctor strange c1b38c28 featured 'Doctor Strange' Deleted Scene Rightfully Earns That Title

Hey, here's a scene that wasn't necessary

Rocket e94f3922 featured Kevin Feige Dishes Major Plot Spoilers For ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2’

This is the biggest glimpse at the story we’ve been given so far.

Iron fist kick 1d899981 featured The Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA Directed An Episode of ‘Iron Fist’

This show might just be everything Hong Kong cinema fans hope it’ll be.

Guardians 2 mantis drax ef9527cb featured ‘Guardians Vol 2’ Will Be a “Much Different Movie” Than the Original, Says James Gunn

“Guardians can only be what they are, if they’re taking a risk.”