Justice league dark and grumpy 9108fe84 featured Zack Snyder's Second Unit Director Explains the Lighter Tone in 'Justice League'

Damon Caro clearly doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

Justice league cyborg aquaman wonder woman 48bc49d3 featured Zack Snyder Keeps Using the Word "Fun" to Describe Justice League Team Dynamic

Here's hoping it's more "fun" than anything in Watchmen.

Teen titans go zack snyder a1fe2229 featured 'Teen Titans Go' Throws Shade at Zack Snyder

Love him or hate him, there's no denying that Zack Snyder has managed to put his stamp all over several DC properties.


Michael shannon a9b42976 featured Michael Shannon Weighs in on 'Batman v Superman' and His Response is a Delight

You will never be as cool as Michael Shannon. The sooner you accept this, the happier you'll be.

John boorman excalibur 7d3b2e8f featured It Won't Surprise You To Learn That Zack Snyder Has a Hard-On for 1981's 'Excalibur'

Even Zack Snyder knows a good movie when he sees one

Gallerychar 1900x900 boostergold 52ab8b16cab6b4 43568615 6cead72e featured That Booster Gold Movie is Still Coming, Won't Be Part of the DCEU

Executive Producer Greg Berlanti claims the film has "no connective tissue" to the established DC Film Universe

Henry cavill mullet 7e539b2a featured Superman's Gonna Take Things Off-Road With This Sweet Mullet

We all wondered if Superman would be sporting a mullet when he returned in next year's Justice League, and it looks like the answer is a resounding "Yee-Haw!"

76992 3 d4f2c1df featured Why Do We Like Our Heroes Damaged?

Once upon a time, heroes and superheroes were people we looked up to.

Man of steel skulls ca9b37a9 featured Deborah Snyder Says You’re Wrong for Thinking ‘Man of Steel’ is Dark

"He’s going through real problems that we go through as people every day." Like sinking into a pit of human skulls.


Gom 2013 11 25 23 37 44 65 7f644793 featured So We're Getting a Sequel to 'Man of Steel' After All

Tentatively titled Man of Steel II: Snappin' Necks, Cashin' Checks

Doomsday concept art 9f98d0db featured 'Batman v Superman' Concept Art Reveals a Much Bigger Doomsday

Bigger isn't always better, despite everything we know about Zack Snyder's train of thought

Batman vs superman trailer image 10 1f1d2ad4 featured Warner Brothers Releases First Ten Minutes of 'Batman v Superman: Fully Extended Cut'

Check out what additions have been made just to the first ten minutes of the movie!

Zack snyder 670x388 jpg 54bfd528 featured Zack Snyder May Be Through with the Past, But the Past Ain't Through With Him

My position on Zack Snyder has reversed dramatically recently, not because I respect him as a filmmaker, but because I truly pity the guy. He can't win. If he delivers his...

Krypton jpg 114accf1 featured David S. Goyer Bringing Superman Prequel 'Krypton' to SyFy Because He Hates DC Almost as Much as He Hates You

David S. Goyer is one of those "luckiest guys in the room" type screenwriters like Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, and another famous David, David Koepp. Box office success...

Batman v superman dawn of justice zack snyder ben affleck 1024x683 jpg a6cc8f2c featured 'Batman v Superman' Editor Throws Zack Snyder Right Under the Bus

That's as close as I could get to a picture of Zack Snyder getting thrown under a bus


Zack snyder superman png d896dd7f featured Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder Aren't Done Having Their Way With Superman Just Yet

The character who got this whole DCEU rolling seems like something an afterthought in their future plans, but both Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder think there's room for...