Kevin feige punchable 6ed86949 featured Marvel Phase 3 Video Shows Off Upcoming Movies While Being Really Smug About Everything

The burden of Kevin Feige's success is that his face is becoming increasingly punchable.

Thanos infinity gauntlet 57b0f156 featured Thanos is the Main Character of ‘Infinity War’, Says Kevin Feige

Finally, a decent Marvel villain?

Rocket e94f3922 featured Kevin Feige Dishes Major Plot Spoilers For ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2’

This is the biggest glimpse at the story we’ve been given so far.


Thor odin loki 3a609014 featured Kevin Feige Retweets a Comic Page, Everyone Freaks Out Over 'Thor: Ragnarok' Rumors

"For Asgard!" "For Midgard!" "For Myself!"

Miles morales donald glover spider man homecoming 7d23bde7 featured Are We OK With 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Cannibalizing Miles Morales?

The release of the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming shows that the version of Peter Parker we were expecting might instead be the version of Miles Morales we...

Kevin feige 21544f7b featured A Fox-Marvel Deal is an “Impossibility”, Says Kevin Feige

Because, honestly, why would Marvel even need Fantastic Four?

327781 benedict cumberbatch movies dr  strange af04ce05 featured Movie Review 2: Doctor Strange

Our second review of Marvel's latest isn't as glowing as our first, but there's still plenty of reasons to check out this flick!

Marvel team a1e4a94a featured Kevin Feige Promises Plenty More Marvel Team Up Movies

One is the loneliest number, after all.

Doctor strange movie composer cumberbatch a37e4a91 featured Movie Review 1: Doctor Strange

'Doctor Strange' exists simultaneously as both very good and sometimes mediocre.


Phil coulson 28fdfddb featured Kevin Feige on MCU TV/Movie Crossovers: “It All Depends on Timing”

Which is code for, "not right now, leave me alone".

Marvel netflix the defenders 37457bc2 featured Kevin Feige Half-Asses His Way Through Another Explanation About Netflix Characters in the MCU

Kevin Feige doesn't want Netflix characters in the MCU because he's a world class control freak

Captain marvel 48316dba featured Kevin Feige Explains the ‘Captain Marvel’ Director Hiring Process

He has no idea how to make a female-led movie.

Ant man yellowjacket 0a201e2e featured Kevin Feige Explains Why Marvel Movie Villains Are Lame

Apparently there's a good reason why supervillains are always cheap knockoffs of the main heroes.

Cap 1a165004 featured The Russo Brothers on Why They Decided Not To Kill Cap at the End of 'Civil War'

There's a really good reason, but you're going to have to read the article to find out what it is...

Jon bernthal punisher b5a2adc0 featured Chris Pratt Wants a Star Lord-Punisher Team Up, But Can He Make It Happen?

The Punisher is Chris Pratt's favorite hero. Poor guy.


Groot 7b4b774b featured Kevin Feige Assures Us That Baby Groot is the Same Groot

He even uses a Star Trek reference to explain how...