Nbefx1480706135 8bdbae9b featured Double Viking's BOLD 2017 Comic Book Movie Projections

Double Viking's editorial staff makes some bold predictions about the comic book movies due out in 2017

Superman in the rain d1c99fbd featured Charles Roven Explains ‘Justice League’s “Lighter” Tone

Apparently it's Australia's fault that he was fired from producing Aquaman.

Screen shot 2016 12 23 at 9 00 22 am 8ff82647 featured Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding... Lex Zuckerberg Will Be Back in 'Justice League'

While he didn't turn up, as rumored, inSuicide Squad, Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor will indeed be back to crazy up the joint all over again in the upcomingJustice League.

Jeremy irons ac16dcee featured "Alfred is Just the Batman" Says Presumably Confused Jeremy Irons

Alfred says the movie will start filming in Spring, but will hold off judgement until he sees the script.

John cleese 3ad2ceed featured John Cleese Rumored to Be Cast in Future DC Movie

No word yet on whether or not his father smells of elderberries.

Teen titans 60c5a4ad featured Ray Fisher Cites 'Teen Titans' Cartoon As His Major Inspiration for Cyborg

Maybe if he namedrops enough popular DC cartoons, people will forget that Justice League is going to be terrible.

Justiceleague jpeg 55beda77 web 07d932d6 featured Willem Dafoe's Role in 'Justice League' Sets Him Up For Bigger Things in 'Aquaman'

Willem Dafoe on going from trying to kill Spider-Man to helping Aquaman

Screen shot 2016 11 16 at 9 42 39 am 712917a0 featured DC Animation's 'Justice League Dark' Gets New Trailer, R Rating

It's gonna be rated R for violence. Dark violence. I think.

Dc justice league 33529872 featured Warner Bros CEO "Confident" of Geoff Johns' DCEU Vision

As a rule, if you have to publicly state something, it's probably not true.

Batman superman jeremy irons 900x600 dc8bbb14 featured Jeremy Irons Promised "A Bit More Alfred" in Affleck's 'The Batman'

Jeremy Irons has got women half his age to fuck, he doesn't need you wasting his time.

Indiana jones2 c7b43267 featured James Wan Says 'Aquaman' Will Buckle a Swash or Two

Wan is promising a swashbuckling adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones.

Zack snyder facebook f5ae3eb4 featured Zack Snyder’s New Facebook Page Is Every Bit As Dumb As You’d Expect

Don't expect any decent content here. Just like his movies.

Amber heard costume revealed for justice league 04 ad7f3316 featured Amber Heard's Mera Costume From 'Justice League' Revealed

No word yet on whether she and Aquaman will be estranged due to her claims of domestic violence

Screen shot 2016 10 10 at 12 47 58 pm 2d06048f featured Zack Snyder Releases Fun 'Justice League' Video to Reinforce Tonal Shift

We get it, Zack. The movie's gonna be fun. We're all gonna have so much fucking fun we're gonna need plastic surgery to remove our goddamn smiles! You'll be whistling...

Spider man justice league wrap 33727c77 featured ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and ‘Justice League’ Both Finish Filming

One of these movies is still a full year away from release.

Make a wish a3705e80 featured Henry Cavill Reveals 'Justice League' Spoilers for a Good Cause

I don't know that these are truly "spoilers," but it's much more concise to say that rather than "slightly different costumes"