Aquaman justice league underwater 850e314b featured Zack Snyder Shows Us How Aquaman Moves Underwater

Yesterday was Zack Snyder's birthday and he was hard at work onJustice Leagueduring his special day

Jason momoa aquaman e3529365 featured Jason Momoa Praises Zack Snyder, Hits People With A Stick

Not both at the same time, though.

Header4 a42b072b featured Ben Affleck's Rumored Desire to Leave Batman Means it's Time to Pull the Plug on the DCEU

With rumors that Ben Affleck is altogether ready to leave the DCEU, is this a sign that another hard reboot is necessary for an overall franchise that feels dead on...


Common 780x520 51135c41 featured Common Gets Uncommonly Candid About That Failed George Miller 'Justice League' Movie

Common reveals that the film was a lot further along than any of us realized and that there may be photos of him and his cast mates in costume out there somewhere.

Justice league dark and grumpy 9108fe84 featured Zack Snyder's Second Unit Director Explains the Lighter Tone in 'Justice League'

Damon Caro clearly doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

Justice league cyborg aquaman wonder woman 48bc49d3 featured Zack Snyder Keeps Using the Word "Fun" to Describe Justice League Team Dynamic

Here's hoping it's more "fun" than anything in Watchmen.

Justice league wonder woman aquaman cyborg f033c240 featured 'Justice League' Makes Up for Lack of Super Bowl Trailer with New Still

Hooooooo doggy! Man, that is one amazing looking still image fromJustice League.

Jason momoa aquaman 6a59956c featured Jason Momoa Kept His Aquaman Casting a Secret for "Four or Five Years"

Either Jason Momoa can't count, or there's something sneaky afoot at DC.

John cleese fingers in ears 8b3db0ca featured Is John Cleese Hinting At a Role In An Upcoming DC Movie?

Either that, or he's trolling us pretty hard.


Angry superman 1261f2fa featured Zack Snyder Promises Lots of Superman In ’Justice League’, Even While He’s Still Dead

Because that makes sense to Zack Snyder, for some reason.

Screen shot 2017 01 23 at 12 22 13 pm 57dcfbe6 featured Pic Leaks of Black Suit Superman... But There's No Mullet!!!!

Take one last look at that mullet, because it's not gonna be in the movie

Zack snyder facebook a48b663b featured Jason Momoa Calls Zack Snyder a "Genius", For Some Reason

We know he pays your bills, Jason, but come on!

Jeff bridges darkseid 35938d1f featured No, Jeff Bridges Isn't Darkseid in 'Justice League'

Rumors are not to be trusted for a very good reason.

Aquaman d15d865a featured ‘Aquaman’ Movie Will Be “Fun”, Says Screenwriter Will Beall

A few jokes might not be enough to save this franchise.

Ben affleck bruce wayne 7bc9e490 featured Ben Affleck Has Successfully Convinced Warner Bros To Delay 'The Batman'

Help us, oh Ben Affleck. You're our only hope.


Wonder woman gal gadot 5acb0514 featured Zack Snyder Promises to Butcher Wonder Woman’s Character in ‘Justice League’

He’s coy about it, but the word “brutal” only has so many meanings.