Harley quinn makeup 390c3c28 featured 'Suicide Squad' Oscar Win Proves That Hollywood is Broken

Proof that in the modern world, being loud and obnoxious is more effective than having actual talent.

Joker jared leto premiere interview 79be50df featured If WB is Serious About Fixing the DCEU, They Need to Dump Jared Leto

Sports teams fire the coach when everything goes horribly wrong... DC needs to fire their actors, starting with Leto.

Screen shot 2016 12 07 at 8 50 34 am 9881e88e featured 'Suicide Squad' Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment, Gets Off Kinda Easy

Any way you slice it, this film is a disaster of epic proportions and no amount of Jared Leto Jokering could have tipped the scales in the other direction.


The joker tattoos alternative design 8f38c640 featured Concept Art Reveals For Jared Leto's Joker Is Nauseatingly Bad

No matter how much you hate Jared Leto's Joker, it could have been so much worse.

Matt murdock 0dcac148 featured Charlie Cox Literally Blinded Himself to Play Daredevil

Perhaps that's going a bit too far for the craft.

Screen shot 2016 10 31 at 10 45 11 am dee15343 featured 'Suicide Squad' Extended Trailer Promises More of the Same

Now with 10% more Juggalo Jared Leto

Blade runner 886f4619 featured ‘Blade Runner 2’ Director Admits The Movie “May Be a Very Bad Idea”

Denis Villeneuve worries about making "horrific" changes to 'Blade Runner' canon.

Shia labeouf do it 587b2378 featured Shia LaBeouf Says He Was Rejected for a Role in ‘Suicide Squad’

DC finally got something right.

Joker jared leto eec96fa0 featured Further Dispatches From The Inescapable Hell That Is Jared Leto

Much like gonorrhea, we neither asked for nor can we seem to get rid of Jared Leto.


Jared leto joker 4bd9df73 featured Only Jared Leto's Death Will Allow Deleted Joker Footage to Surface

Jared Leto thinks we'll only see the full glory of his Joker once he's gone

Suicide squad deleted scenes 6a5c2c5f featured A Rumored List of 'Suicide Squad' Deleted Scenes is Floating Around in the Ether(net)

There's basically another movie's worth of material in these deleted scenes

13827249 518808921653307 1025334955 n db01698e featured Movie Review: Suicide Squad

The time has come! Are you ready to fulfill your #SuicideSquadGoals?

 justice league  comes to  suicide squad  london premiere 09 a7ef53ff featured 'Justice League' Comes To 'Suicide Squad' London Premiere

The Justice League dropped by to round up some bad guys!

Ss 0976b8f3 featured Scathing New Article Details Suicide Squad's Troubled Production

Behind the scenes trouble on a big budget production is nothing new, but there's apparently a lot more riding on this film than we may have thought

Suicide squad world premiere in nyc 12 db5db6e3 featured 'Suicide Squad' World Premiere In NYC

Suicide Squad Assemble!


Broke dick 44891726 featured Jared Leto and David Ayer are Two Peas in a Broke Dick Pod

They're like Scorsese and DeNiro for meathead douchebags