Logan imax poster 1f137320 featured Movie Review 1: Logan

A Near Perfect Movie, With a Single Infuriating Flaw. All spoilers here are clearly signposted and deliberately vague.

Wolverine movie alternate ending costume 95a772e7 featured Guys, We're Never Gonna See Hugh Jackman in the Classic Wolverine Costume

I thought we settled this matter with Cyclops' quip in the first X-Men movie.

X 23 6a647005 featured Promo Video For 'Logan' Shows X-23 Getting Her Claws

This scene is a far cry from any Bryan Singer Alkali Lake nonsense.


Logan desert db2df2a9 featured James Mangold Explains Why There Are No Mutant Cameos In 'Logan'

Blob or Toad might not help the movie's serious tone.

Sunseeker db1f249a featured New 'Logan' Clip Shows Off the Artsy Black and White Movie James Mangold Really Wanted To Make

Good news for fans of listening to Wolverine trying to buy a boat.

Logan sillouette a21971c8 featured Hugh Jackman and James Mangold Describe How Characters In ‘Logan’ Are Designed to Feel Like Cowboys

In case maybe you’d managed to miss that vibe, somehow.

Logan x 23 b629f6c7 featured James Mangold Promises That 'Logan' Will Feel "Extremely Real"

So, no chance of Mister Sinister appearing, then.

Screen shot 2017 01 19 at 9 01 35 am 8a8be1f7 featured Final 'Logan' Trailer(s) Unleash X-23 on the World

I think I'm okay with the R-rating... Maybe.

Deadpool logan 66589a29 featured James Mangold Shoots Down Those Rumors About Deadpool in 'Logan'

Do yourself a favor and don't google "Deadpool in Logan".


Logan 2017 hugh jackman wolverine 35482a18 featured Could 'Logan' be Killing Off Wolverine? Good.

Logan looks like a grand, sobering, and heart-rending opportunity to finally let go of a character we've held on to maybe too long.

Logan funeral a779254a featured James Mangold Can't Shut Up About The ‘Logan’ Trailer

Director explains everything that makes his movie a special snowflake.

Logan prom 9ff71e61 featured Fox Teases a Really Weird Villain Choice for 'Logan'

Fox must be really running out of ideas.

Thewolverine banner e40dc8a9 featured 'Wolverine 3' Speculation Flying Hot and Heavy

While we know precious little about Hugh Jackman's third and final go around as Wolverine—outside of him looking like a livery driver—there are certain puzzle pieces that...

Th reavers jpg 25307b5c featured Old Man Logan to Square Off with the Reavers in 'Wolverine 3'?

While there have been a bunch of casting announcements for the third and final Hugh Jackman Wolverine solo film—with everyone from Richard E. Grant to Eriq "Soul Glo"...

Natwestsense september2011 jpg 9924101c featured Underrated Character Actor Richard E. Grant Joins 'Wolverine 3' as "Mad Scientist Type"

It's getting harder and harder to find underrated British character actors these days as they keep getting snapped up by various comic book and fantasy properties and...


Liev schreiber sabretooth x men origins wolverine jpg a217d27b featured Liev Schreiber Would Play Sabretooth One Last Time Opposite Hugh Jackman in 'Wolverine 3' aka Grumpy Old Superheroes

It really seems like the only good things to come from X-Men: Origins: Wolverine was the forward thinking casting. Not only did Ryan Reynolds reprise his role as Deadpool...