Robert england and james marsters attend  german comic con 01 3f963ec4 featured Robert Englund And James Marsters Attend German Comic Con

If you found yourself wondering recently, "What are Robert Englund and Spike from Buffy up to these days?" there's a reason. The two actors were recently at German Comic...

Vicious is an award winning horror short thats scary as hell social 47475b7d featured 10 Scary Short Films That Will Make You Wet Your Pants

Now's the season for horror movie marathons, and maybe it's because I was raised on Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, but I've always preferred my horror in short, scary...

Scary movies feature a345c158 featured Scary Movies For People Who Don't Like Scary Movies

Horror films without jump-scares or gore.


Horror musical feature 7870bbb4 featured Three Horror Musicals That Flopped

What killed these monster musicals?

Fassbender brometheus 52dc464f featured 'Alien: Covenant' is "Much Scarier" than 'Prometheus' According to Michael Fassbender

Just hangin' with my bro Fassbender, Brometheus!

Cast of penny dreadful 97032de1 featured What Universal Can Learn from "Penny Dreadful"

How the Showtime series can help Universal create a wondrous world of horror.

Black mirror season 3 2ecad092 featured 'Black Mirror' Season Three Comes to Netflix in October!

The freaky, Twilight Zone-esque series is back with six brand new episodes!

Cyoa books 29413571 featured The Weirdest "Choose Your Own Adventure" Books

CYOA was a classic series of the 1980s. But some of the books were downright bizarre.

Universal monsters 2 6fb10c64 featured Crazy Plots from the Universal Monster Movies That Should Be in the Reboot

Universal's reboot is banking on the classics, but those films launched sequels with their own kind of monster madness.


00002124511pennywise 29b6c3c1 featured Hey Coulrophobics! We've Got Your First Look at the New Pennywise

Stephen King's It is getting a brand new adaptation and we've got your first look at Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise!

Aquaman 7fa83ef2 featured James Wan Wants to Subvert "Low Expectations" People Have of 'Aquaman'

The latest film from hitmaker director James Wan, The Conjuring 2, is currently the number one movie in America, and Wan's next project might be his most high profile to...

Baskin jpg 7264e7a0 featured Trailer for Turkish Horror Film 'BASKIN' is Not for the Squeamish

Good horror films have always been tough to come by, just because the marketplace is littered with trash. Every once in a while, however, a horror movie strikes a chord and...

Kevin bacon the darkness jpg 6c014957 featured Darkness is Spreading in this New Trailer for 'The Darkness'

Okay, I know what you're thinking, why are we sharing this trailer about a Blumhouse horror movie starring Kevin Bacon? Well, call me an eternal optimist, but the last time...

Greenroom1 jpg 482a39d2 featured 'Green Room,' Red Band Trailer, White Supremacists, Patrick Stewart

There's nothing I love more than seeing an actor play against type, so the notion of seeing Patrick Stewart as a vicious white supremacist is enough to get me in the...

Most anticipated movies of 2016 the witch jpg 1fe0f76b featured New Trailer for 'The Witch' Looks Suitably Scary

It's been a while since we've had a really good horror film. I'd wager to say The Babadook was the last film I felt was genuinely frightening, though all of the advanced...


Bride of frankenstein jpg dec774b3 featured Universal Fires Up the Franchise Machine, Hires David Koepp to Script 'Bride of Frankenstein'

Universal is apparently serious not just about landing Tom Cruise for their Mummy remake—and presumably establishing him as the face of the franchise—they've hired reliable...