Screen shot 2017 01 23 at 12 22 13 pm 57dcfbe6 featured Pic Leaks of Black Suit Superman... But There's No Mullet!!!!

Take one last look at that mullet, because it's not gonna be in the movie

Dwayne johnson henry cavill 7f23c98c featured Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill Tease a Black Adam/Superman Fight in 'Shazam!'

The Shazam! movie might go smoother if they just leave out the titular character.

Make a wish a3705e80 featured Henry Cavill Reveals 'Justice League' Spoilers for a Good Cause

I don't know that these are truly "spoilers," but it's much more concise to say that rather than "slightly different costumes"


Superman black costume df10ff98 featured Henry Cavill Teases Black Superman Suit

If Cavill's Instagram is to be believed, Superman might be even more grumpy in 'Justice League' - if such a thing is even possible.

Gom 2013 11 25 23 37 44 65 7f644793 featured So We're Getting a Sequel to 'Man of Steel' After All

Tentatively titled Man of Steel II: Snappin' Necks, Cashin' Checks

 justice league  comes to  suicide squad  london premiere 09 a7ef53ff featured 'Justice League' Comes To 'Suicide Squad' London Premiere

The Justice League dropped by to round up some bad guys!

Coejvggvuaidnsa cf3c50a0 featured SDCC 2016 Round-Up: Justice League

We've got a great subtitle... Justice League: Rapid Course Correction

Screen shot 2016 07 20 at 10 45 00 am 15a057a1 featured 'Batman v Superman' Honest Trailer Gets Brutally Honest

Or as they call it "Fans v Batman v Superman v Critics v Other Fans v Executives v Zack Snyder v Expectations"

Julian lewis jones 1 cf0346a9 featured A Guy You've Never Heard of Has a Huge Role in 'Justice League'

Welsh actor Julian Lewis Jones has done a bunch of filming on the superhero movie, but who is he playing?


Henry cavill mullet b45f4b1f featured The Next Time We See Superman On Screen, He's Probably Gonna Have a Mullet

If there's one thing Zack Snyder doesn't have an ounce of in his body, it's originality. Bearing this in mind, it looks like there's a good chance the next time we see...

Superman f7d77b5d featured Tell Me More, Dean Cain

Unless you've been to a con in the last five years, you probably haven't seen much of Dean Cain, aka the world's oldest living Superman. Cain has taken a break from his...

4xae3p1464979775 abc83c3c featured b6b343bc featured Geoff Johns Helpfully Clarifies 'Justice League' Title Debacle

As we told you late last week, the upcoming Justice League film was having trouble settling on a subtitle. Thankfully, DC Films head honcho Geoff Johns weighed in not long...

Bvs bluray header jpg f86f7e8e featured New Details and (Really Terrible) Cover Art for 'Batman v Superman' Ultimate Edition Blu-ray

Last month, we brought you the full list of bonus features on the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Blu-ray, and now we've got some updates on what each of those...

Batman v superman review jpg 1585524e featured Batman v Superman: Dawn of Blu-ray Bonus Features

While there's still no official street date yet for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a list of bonus features from the upcoming three-hour ultimate cut was released...

Fully extended edition jpg ee960442 featured 'Batman v Superman' Ultimate Edition Running Time Revealed

While the marketing team certainly bungled this thing by dubbing it the "Ultimate Edition" rather than the "Fully Extended Edition," a longer cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn...


Batman v superman dawn of justice zack snyder ben affleck 1024x683 jpg a6cc8f2c featured 'Batman v Superman' Editor Throws Zack Snyder Right Under the Bus

That's as close as I could get to a picture of Zack Snyder getting thrown under a bus