Trevante rhodes 4f466157 featured Moonlight's Trevante Rhodes Fails To Deny Rumors That He's Been Cast as Green Lantern

Is this the face of John Stewart, or is Rhodes just messing with us?

Hal jordan a48b5b53 featured Every White Male Actor In Hollywood Among Shortlist for ‘Green Lantern’

Everyone from Tom Cruise to James Marsden is on this supposed shortlist.

Green lantern ryan reynolds 05e875c8 featured Duncan Jones Fixes 'Green Lantern' with New Pitch Idea

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Sterling k brown green lantern cf67b009 featured Sterling K Brown Wants To Play John Stewart in 'Green Lantern Corps'

Silly Sterling K Brown! You're already signed on to Black Panther!

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Comicon jpg 22cbde55 featured Great Costumes, Crappy Photos—More Bad Photos Of Great Cosplay From Toronto ComiCon

Here's some continuing footage (and "footage" is Canadian for "low budget iPhone pics") of cosplay from the con floor of Toronto Comi-Con. I hope you're enjoying these...


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The DC Comics character Green Lantern is currently in movie jail thanks to 2011's awful Ryan Reynolds-starring franchise non-starter. He's just about the only core DC...