Inhumans vs x men 7c643290 featured 'X-Men' and 'Inhumans' TV Shows Both Cast Key Cast Members

It's a good old fashioned TV ratings battle!

Doctor doom toby kebbell 1e303199 featured Toby Kebbell Would Return as Doctor Doom, But Only If He Could Fight Iron Man

Maybe Reed Richards and his arch nemesis need a little bit of time apart to rekindle the relationship.

Blink 61e84d25 featured 'X-Men' TV Show Recasts a 'Days of Future Past' Character, Because Continuity is for Chumps

They're just not even trying to be coherent anymore.


Simon kinberg 5fa42008 featured Simon Kinberg is in Talks to Steal the 'X-Men' Director's Chair From Bryan Singer

Because what the franchise desperately needs is an overeager fanboy who's never directed a movie before.

X 23 6a647005 featured Promo Video For 'Logan' Shows X-23 Getting Her Claws

This scene is a far cry from any Bryan Singer Alkali Lake nonsense.

Domino bikini 1aeae7ff featured Rumor Has It Fox Is Having a Hard Time Casting Domino For 'Deadpool 2'

Nobody wants to stand next Ryan Reynolds for too long, it seems.

X men apocalypse e00496dd featured 'X-Men' TV Casts Its First Actor As Showrunner Explains Why We Won't See Professor X Any Time Soon

Here's hoping this isn't Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. all over again.

Sunseeker db1f249a featured New 'Logan' Clip Shows Off the Artsy Black and White Movie James Mangold Really Wanted To Make

Good news for fans of listening to Wolverine trying to buy a boat.

X men supernova a009f3ee featured 'X-Men: Supernova' News, Now With 90% More Oasis Jokes

What's funny is that this article was written by the American contributor to the site


Bryan singer thumbs up 22c9ae9d featured Bryan Singer Explains Why He’s Hijacking the New ‘X-Men’ TV Show

TV is the future of ‘X-Men’, says the guy who killed the movie franchise.

Deadpool kingsman 8ee650eb featured Taron Egerton Wants a 'Deadpool'/'Kingsman' Crossover

Here's exactly why this should never happen.

X men hugh jackman 3fa75240 featured Hugh Jackman Admits He Did a Really Bad Job As Wolverine At First

Here's a rare case of a Fox executive making a movie better.

New mutants team b5e3b8ad featured Casting Call Reveals Characters for ‘New Mutants’

Sadly, it doesn't feature Glob Herman.

Screen shot 2017 01 19 at 9 01 35 am 8a8be1f7 featured Final 'Logan' Trailer(s) Unleash X-23 on the World

I think I'm okay with the R-rating... Maybe.

Legion 5ff61b4b featured 'Legion' Won't Connect With 'X-Men' Movie Continuity, Possibly Because Fox Thinks It's Weird

You know things are bad when Fox has already commissioned a show to replace Legion.


Deadpool x force 796c8d56 featured 'Deadpool 2' To "Set Up" 'X-Force' Movie

Writers promise this blatant advertizing will at least be a little more subtle than Amazing Spider-Man.