Super bowl 2017 trailers 00a75ab3 featured Guardians 2, Logan, and More Trailers From Last Night's Super Bowl

For people such as myself who couldn't give a shit less about football, the Super Bowl means one thing: Empty aisles at the grocery store!

Justin lin 8e53e840 featured Justin Lin: From 'Fast and Furious' to 'Star Trek' to... Hot Wheels?

He does know how to make car racing cinematic, and definitely knows how to make things go boom!

Charlize theron leon phelps jpg be475737 featured Who's the New Villain for Fast and Furious 8? Oooo, It's a Lady!

If there's one villain the gang from the Fast & Furious franchise hasn't faced yet, it's the kind that comes equipped with lady business. Well all that changes with the...


640 vin diesel 464225838 jpg b9ed5615 featured Guess What? There's Gonna Be at Least Two More 'Fast and Furious' Movies. Hooray?

I just don't get the Fast and Furious movies. I get their appeal. Lord, do I ever get their appeal, but I personally don't get caught up in them. What started as a...

Fast five01 jpg 99c981f2 featured 'Fast & Furious' Will Now Be a Prequel, Sequel, and Spin-off Laden Franchise

Everything's a god damned franchise now, so it should come as no surprise that the incredibly popular Fast & Furious films are spawning some world-building prequels and...