Fantastic four 7c8b47cb featured 'Doctor Strange' Director Wants the Fantastic Four In the MCU

Now he just needs to convince everybody else at Marvel.

Russo brother tweet 66a69759 featured Did the Russo Brothers Just Reveal that Latveria Will Be in 'Infinity War'?

Probably not, but the internet is going nuts anyway.

1280x720 qsg b6e3a52f featured Movie Review: DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's THE FANTASTIC FOUR

Think you know all there is to know about 1994's never officially released "Fantastic Four" movie? Think again!


Stan lee cameo winter soldier e27e82df featured Stan Lee: Doctor Doom Was The ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie’s Big Failure

Breaking news: 2005's Doctor Doom sucks.

Kate mara miles teller fantastic four 54d0a3e8 featured Every Time Miles Teller Opens His Mouth, He Becomes Somehow More Punchable

He really seems to go out of his way to make himself completely unlikable

Doom 566f6cb5 featured 'Fantastic Four' Villain Toby Kebbell Comes to Josh Trank's Defense

If you were to ask Josh Trank who the villain of 2015's Fantastic Four was, he'd likely mutter something about studio interference before letting his dogs trash a rental...

Fantastic four 101641311 261 jpg cdceebbb web jpg b1e0084c featured Fox Has Big—Albeit Vague—Plans for 'Fantastic Four' in the Future

Fox has tried and failed three times now to get the Fantastic Four into a decent vehicle befitting their legendary status as Marvel's First Family, but they're not about to...

Fantastic four 101641311 261 jpg cdceebbb featured Fox is Apparently Dead Set on Getting The Fantastic Four Right

As Kenny Rogers once said, "know when to walk away, know when to run," but Fox apparently never got that memo. The studio has now made three attempts to successfully bring...

Avxhc cov jpg ebef9108 featured Add 'Deadpool' Director Tim Miller to the List of People Who Want an MCU/X-Men Crossover

Unlike Sony, Fox (mostly) knows how to keep their Marvel owned properties in good hands, with a Fantastic Four film cropping up every few years to fill its role as the...


Suicide squad jpg 66390102 featured Backtrack Begins: 'Suicide Squad' Doing Reshoots to Add More "Fun" to Movie

That god awful first trailer for Suicide Squad set to some emo chick's version of a shitty Bee Gees song felt as if they were selling a gritty, Fincher-lite take on these...

O miles teller facebook jpg 80f5d75d featured The Eminently Punchable Miles Teller Talks 'Fantastic Four' and Han Solo

If there's a more unlikeable young actor in Hollywood right now than Miles Teller, I've never heard of them. Much like the proverbial broken clock, he manages to be good in...

Pixels movie jpg 051b7bbe featured 2016 Razzie Nominees Include 'Fifty Shades' and Plenty of Sandler

The Razzies have never had any real credibility because they never really went after the truly terrible movies. Rather than use their sliver of notoriety to actually...