Stranger things fan art 1c4f0afc featured A 'Stranger Things' 'Star Wars' Mash Up, And Other Great Fan-Art

Pierce Brosnan as Cable, Peter Dinklage as M.O.D.O.K., and The Phantom Menace reimagined as a movie you might want to watch!

Deathstroke header 77e97b6b featured Fan Made Poster for 'The Batman' Puts Him Face to Face with Deathstroke

Batman's reflected in his sword, because he's going to gut him like a fish.

Henry cavill mullet 7e539b2a featured Superman's Gonna Take Things Off-Road With This Sweet Mullet

We all wondered if Superman would be sporting a mullet when he returned in next year's Justice League, and it looks like the answer is a resounding "Yee-Haw!"