Luke the force awakens a7dc304e featured 'The Last Jedi' Is Plural, According to Official French Language Movie Title

Conclusive proof that both Luke and Rey will appear in the movie about Luke training Rey.

Rey with lightsaber 10d17aea featured Rian Johnson Teases April 'The Last Jedi' Trailer Reveal

Time to start counting the days until Celebration.

Luke skywalker 0639944d featured 'The Last Jedi' Trailer May Not Be Arriving Until April

Because Lucasfilm secretly hates you and wants you to suffer.


Three outlaw samurai sword 0b5f0bb1 featured Rian Johnson's 'The Last Jedi' Inspired By WWII Flicks and Samurai Cinema

This is exactly what the franchise needs to stop being so repetetive!

The last jedi 1baaf5ec featured Rian Johnson Shares ‘The Last Jedi’ Opening Crawl

Is there a bigger mystery surrounding the movie name, or are we all just imagining it?

Princess leia cgi 6a65392b featured Lucasfilm Quashes Rumors of a CGI Carrie Fisher

Suddenly, Disney finds the idea of reanimating the dead with computers to be offensive.

Daisy ridley birthday cee050df featured Rian Johnson Waxes Poetic About Luke and Rey's Relationship in Episode VIII

Find out why the film will start mere moments after The Force Awakens.

Kylo ren tie fighter e5c7a5e6 featured LEGO Set May Reveal New Variety of TIE Fighter for 'Star Wars Episode VIII'

Of course the ultimate Darth Vader fanboy would get a TIE Fighter just like his idol

Princess leia cgi 72731565 featured Lucasfilm Meets To Discuss Princess Leia's Role In 'Episode IX'

Spoiler alert: they'll almost definitely recreate Carrie Fisher digitally.


Carrie fisher and mark hamill ad9ebf2b featured Oscar Isaac Shares Behind The Scenes Photo of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill

I'm not crying. It's just raining on my face.

Carrie fisher leia the force awakens f07b54f8 featured Reports Suggest Carrie Fisher Has a Larger Role in 'Episode VIII'

It's a nice piece of solace as we all grieve the loss of our favorite Princess.

Episode viii 93b94972 featured Possible 'Star Wars Episode VIII' Movie Title Revealed

Bad news: it might be worse than Attack of the Clones.

Ewan mcgregor 22a7c09a featured RUMOR: Obi-Wan Movie Delayed Because of ‘Episode VIII’ Connections

Get ready for a ghost to say “Rey, I am your father”.

Adam driver star wars the force awakens 7fa01c77 featured Adam Driver Confirms Major Tonal Shift for 'Star Wars Episode VIII'

Adam Driver thinks audiences will be pleasantly surprised by Episode VIII

The collector f9e2f0a0 featured Benicio Del Toro Rumored as ‘Predator’ Reboot’s Lead Actor

This movie could still be literally about anything.


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Spoiler Alert! Maybe... Kinda...