Stormtrooper 999f6a93 featured 'The Last Jedi' Shot Partially in IMAX, 'Episode IX' Has Begun Casting

Disney just wants all your money, and they don't care what they have to do to get it.

Princess leia cgi 6a65392b featured Lucasfilm Quashes Rumors of a CGI Carrie Fisher

Suddenly, Disney finds the idea of reanimating the dead with computers to be offensive.

General organa carrie fisher d13050ee featured Disney is in Talks With Fisher Estate Over the Future of Princess Leia

Still the best Disney Princess of all time.


Princess leia cgi 72731565 featured Lucasfilm Meets To Discuss Princess Leia's Role In 'Episode IX'

Spoiler alert: they'll almost definitely recreate Carrie Fisher digitally.

Luke skywalker mark hamill star wars force awaken 4148e9be featured Does This Mean Mark Hamill Will Be Back for Episode IX?

Spoiler Alert! Maybe... Kinda...