Black adam the rock b6003a03 featured Dwayne Johnson Explains Why Black Adam Was Actually A Hero All Along

Because shut up, you're wrong, that's why!

Dwayne johnson black adam 9c9dbf22 featured Dwayne Johnson Will Turn ‘Shazam!’ Into a Movie About Black Adam

Second, unrelated movie about Captain Marvel coming at a much later date.

San andreas 7919a33b featured Rumor Suggests 'San Andreas' Director Brad Peyton to Helm 'Shazam'

Nothing says hope and optimism like destroying yet another CGI metropolitan city.


Screen shot 2017 01 12 at 12 21 31 pm ae7e0212 featured Add Dwayne Johnson to the List of People Proclaiming a More Fun DCEU is On the Way

Let's have some fucking fun for once in our lives!

Dwayne johnson henry cavill 7f23c98c featured Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill Tease a Black Adam/Superman Fight in 'Shazam!'

The Shazam! movie might go smoother if they just leave out the titular character.

Shazam a463bd24 featured It’s Official: Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Shazam!’ Will be Part of the DCEU

Johnson's co-producer for the film says 'Shazam!' will be connected to 'Justice League', but very different in tone and style.

Javier bardem frankenstein c2ddd360 featured Javier Bardem in Talks to Play Frankenstein's Monster in Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe

Will Bardem follow in the footsteps of Boris Karloff and Robert DeNiro?

The rock wolfman 5eeb528f featured Will Dwayne Johnson Cry Wolf for Universal?

Universal is proving themselves to be a franchise contender with their upcoming shared cinematic universe, namely because they're willing to go after actors that Marvel and...

Moana 2016 22132b3b featured Disney Finally Releases the First Trailer for Their Thanksgiving Release 'Moana'

Disney is having a banner year thus far in 2016, with two of their films already crossing the billion dollar mark—Zootopia and Captain America: Civil War—another on the...


Doc savage spiders web jpg caa0763b featured Dwayne Johnson to Get 'Savage' for Director Shane Black

If you haven't seen The Nice Guys yet, allow me to tell you that you're missing out on the best film currently in theaters. Writer/director Shane Black is out of the Marvel...

The rock black adam jpg 8499755f featured 'Shazam!' Producer Promises Film Will Be "A Ton of Fun"

Much like one of your asshole buddies in high school describing his night with a heavy set girl, the producer of the Shazam! movie used the phrase "a ton of fun" to...