Han solo cast photo b695aa41 featured Lucasfilm Releases Cast Photo For 'Han Solo', As Filming Gets Underway

This photo communicates far more than anyone actually intended.

Lando 11fd7c2a featured Billy Dee Williams Talks About Donald Glover Behind His Back

Here’s what the original Lando had to say about his replacement after their lunch date last week.

Liefeeeeeld 9904afbc featured I Shouldn't Be Enjoying This As Much As I Do: Rob Liefeld Goes To Golden Globes, Is Mistaken For Eager Fanboy

I love the 90s Rob Liefeld comic aesthetic in the same way that I love Batman Forever, The Room, and Cool As Ice—because it's unapologetic and earnest and hopelessly,...


Han and lando1 1a288dc1 featured Woody Harrelson to Mentor Han Solo on Uses for Hemp and How to Crush Ass

Him, Han, Lando, and Chewie couldform one hell of a beaver patrol

Han solo 7a684a24 featured Han Solo Movie Rumored to Be Delayed Until December 2018

Disney would be stupid not to delay it at this point.

Khaleesi han solo 0d871ff3 featured The Mother of Dragons to Tussle With Han Solo

Freed from the shackles of a failedTerminatorreboot trilogy, Emilia Clarke is bringing her talents to South Beach—aka the Han Solo prequel.

Donaldglover atlanta 090216 896d13d8 featured The Internet Rejoices as Donald Glover is Cast as Lando

Finally, a decent reason to watch the Han Solo movie.

Spider man 1280x742 09ab24bc featured Donald Glover Opens Up About Spider-Man, Is Vague About Lando

Could Glover's 'Spider-Man' role be an elaborate audition for the 'Han Solo' movie?

Lando calrissian han solo c43f1fdd featured We're Probably Gonna Find Out What Han Pulled on Lando

How you doin' Chewbacca?


Donald glover spider man 8c3a19ba featured BATTLE: Who Is Donald Glover Playing In Spider-Man?

As we recently reported, Community alum/comedian/hip hop artist Donald Glover is in talks to play a yet-as-unnamed character in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the newest...

Donald glover spiderman 7875ea31 featured Donald Glover In Talks To Join The Spider-Verse In Spider-Man: Homecoming

According to The Hollywood Reporter, multi-talented actorcomedian/hip hop artist Donald Glover is in talks to be a part of pider-Man: Homcoming. His potential role hasn't...